Day 10: Storm Johnson

Storm Johnson is a talented freshman running back and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Sunday's practice.

On his progress:
I've grown pretty good. I've been working out with Coach Swasey and that made me stronger, eating meals every day. I'm getting bigger and stronger and getting in shape as well. It's been going good for me.

On kick returns in high school:
In my career I had seven touchdowns (in high school). I'm just doing kickoff returns.

On the depth at RB:
I like it. The more competition, you're always getting better. You can't take a day off because the next man may take your position. It gets us more focused on our goal and it's pushing us all.

On his style:
I describe myself as a power speed back. I'm balanced. We do a have a lot of speed guys and power guys but as coach said, he's gonna bounce it all around in a game. It's good having a lot of running backs. If one doesn't do his thing one game, another will. We all push each other.

On his goals:
I'm just trying to help the team in whatever I do. I'm just trying to get on the field. It makes me work harder every day. Knowing there are people in front of me, I gotta show my talent every day. You can't take a day off.

On recruiting:
It was always my first school when I was little so the recruiting process was hectic at first. When you start narrowing it down, all three, it got easier as it went by.

On his name:
It fits the Miami Hurricanes. The Storm. Before I committed, someone told me back at home so I thought about it before I came here.

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