Day 10: DeMarcus Van Dyke

DeMarcus Van Dyke is one of the starting corners this year and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Sunday's practice.

On turnovers:
Coach Shannon and Coach Lovett and Coach McGriff preach turnovers every day we try getting one every day.

On the receivers:
Our receivers are great. Travis Benjamin is the fastest guy, him and Kendal Thompkins are blazing. Tommy Streeter is good, too. He has stepped up his game big time. He's been making big catches, nice catches across the middle so I think he'll have a big year this season. Kendal is a workaholic. He's out here at 3 catching the balls when we're still in meetings. He's gonna be good this year. We have different styles of receivers.

On the receivers:
All those guys are taking the next step that Hank did. AD, Travis, LaRon, all those guys. Whatever Hank do, those guys do so they're getting better as a team.

On being more physical:
Coach Shannon and Coach McGriff, they want us jamming the guys so guys can make the reads. I'm excited about (the coaches wanting us to be more physical).

On Cory Nelms:
Cory Nelms is a great guy. He's a hard worker. He walked on my sophomore year and now he's on scholarship. He's an All ACC hurdler, helps us out in the secondary. He's a good guy. Everyone appreciates him on the team. Cory and Jacory are on the same level appreciation wise.

On Jamal Reid:
Jamal, the first day he came was two-a-days and had a pick in the morning and a pick in the later practice. He's helping in the secondary. He's a great athlete and a great player.

On communication with safeties:
It depends on the coverage scheme we're in. Me, Ray Ray, JoJo, Jared Campbell, Vaughn Telemaque, Jamal Reid, we have good communication so when we go on the field there will be no drop off.

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