Day 11: Shannon talks

Read on to see everything head coach Randy Shannon was saying after Monday's practice.

On today:
We cut down on the mentals and missed tackles. We'll evaluate guys taking the next steps and then the next scrimmage will be the last one we have. We'll suit and see who we wanna have. 67 is the ACC Conference number, I don't know. We'll just travel under 67. Whatever happens after that, we'll see who the top 67 guys are.

On when they start for FAMU:
We did most of the game planning for the first four in the spring. Everyone stayed the same with the coordinators. When we'll start in practice is about five to six days out before we play FAMU.

On planning for future opponents:
No. It's kinda hard because you don't want guys doing what they don't see on tape. You see guys losing concentration. We'll still have nine days to get ready instead of six.

On getting enough practices in:
29 days before the first game is a lot of practice time. That's 29 days in August. You cant make up that many in offense and defense so you stay focused on what you believe in. You wanna put guys in situations where they have some adversity.

On LaRon Byrd:
He's doing fine. Like all of them. I told you guys the other day, some guys are nicked and we'll sit them out. If you go around that corner, you'll see five guys riding the bike who didn't practice day. You guys try hard. I'm not mad, just joking around.

On injuries:
I'll let you know guys if someone's gonna be done for the season. I always do. You don't need to keep asking. To cut down on those questions, fellas, guys will sit out with nicks. Some will sit out because we don't want them to practice, because we wanna see other guys. Colin McCarthy aint gonna practice every day. Sean Spence wont. You guys will then ask me. But we'll sit them out.

On who practices every day:
Young guys will. Freshmen and sophomores because you gotta see how they can handle it. The older guys, you pick and choose what you wanna get done.

On compared to last year:
We're a lot better than we were last year at this time. Guys are a lot more focused and mature. Guys are flying around and having fun and that's all you can ask for.

On when he names starters:
Whoever shows up during the game. The best guys play. That's the greatest thing about competition. Somebody can come out and be a starter Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday then Thursday sprain an ankle and you make an adjustment. The night before we played West Virginia, Scott Covington broke out in hives the night before and Ryan Clement had to be the starter. Things happen and you gotta adjust.

On how important scrimmages are:
The scrimmages are most important because it's under game type situations. Guys have to stay focused. Inside run, there's no pass. 7 on 7, theres no run. That's easy. You have to mix it up.

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