Day 11: Colin McCarthy

Colin McCarthy is a senior linebacker for the Hurricanes and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Monday's practice.

On LaRon Byrd's injury:
Byrd's doing great as far as when he's out there, he's making plays and catching the ball. I didn't even know he was injured to be honest with you.

On living in the dorms:
No, I live off campus. It would be easier getting naps between practices and it would give me an opportunity to do some rehab, some maintenance work and that kind of stuff.

On dorm life:
I lived in the dorms for a year and a half with Jason Fox. We had a good time. I hope he's doing good in Detroit.

On communication on defense:
It's a lot better. I think the way we communicate, there's no issues. Breakdowns we have and when the offense is able to complete balls or maybe get a long run against us, the more we communicate so the better off we'll be.

On talking more:
We just gotta talk. If I see something or Sean sees something and he just says it, just communicating in that respect. Understanding the whole defense helps us out.

On his career:
It's not over yet so I'm excited for this year and I think this year will be big. We still haven't won an ACC Championship here at Miami so that's one of the goals.

On LaBron James:
I kinda knew about two or three months before it happened that LaBron was coming to Miami. I should have gotten my season tickets. I'll try to go watch them.

On his nickname:
That was more when I first got here. Thunder Dan. Now it's Pimp C. Sean gave that to me, Glenn Cook. It's just a nickname I got.

On this being a better team than last year:
It definitely is. A lot of the younger guys are now a year more experienced, got a better idea of the offense. We have our offensive and defensive coordinators back and we're making a lot of good steps to a great season.

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