Day 11: Tommy Streeter

Tommy Streeter is a sophomore wide receiver pushing for playing time and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Monday's practice.

On two-a-days:
Two-a-days are always tough. You just have to mentally prepare yourself and get rested up during the breaks and stay hydrated and get your mind right to come out here and work out.

On keeping focused daily:
Every day you remind yourself that you're working towards a goal of winning every game. You wanna work hard and get better every day. It's pretty easy for me to keep my focus. Not playing much but I'm working hard every day to get on the field. It's not hard for me.

On what he's doing each day:
I'm just trying to make the most of each opportunity I'm given and continue getting better every day.

On what he needs to do to play:
Just continue making plays, stay in the film room. Every day, there's something I can work on – blocking, coming out of my breaks, keeping my hands up, I can't really pinpoint one thing.

On lack of playing time:
My first year, it was hard watching the team. I couldn't really do anything. I couldn't even practice having my arm all wrapped up. I couldn't even do anything with the trainers. Last year, I got a few opportunities and I was there for my teammates, working hard every day. We evaluate everything at the end of the season and I thought about what I had to work on in camp.

On having a good fall camp:
I've been making more plays. I feel all that comes with opportunities. The more opportunities you have, the more you'll make plays.

On if the injuries are behind him:
Yeah, I don't worry about them. I'm fully recovered and that doesn't bother me at all. On and off the field, having those injuries, you basically have a lot of time to sit back and think and do a lot of watching. That's what I did while I was hurt. I learned a lot of things. A lot of times you might not be in because of injury but you can take mental reps from a guy's mistake so when you're out there, you don't make the same mistakes.

On his 40:
In the spring, we ran it twice. I ran a 4.30 and a 4.33.

On the intermediate routes:
I've been working on quick slants, five yard square ins, out routes. I feel coming in that's what I needed to work on, sinking my hips a lot more. I don't have a problem being a straight line guy but those intermediate routes and I'm coming along pretty well on those.

On Jacory throwing the deep ball:
Jacory, he makes the most of each opportunity. If the deep ball is there, he'll take it. If it's not there, he won't force it and take his reads and find an open guy.

On Leonard Hankerson:
I look up to Hank. A lot of times I'll be telling myself, praying to God, I'd like to play behind a guy who makes it to the NFL, who's successful here so I know what it takes. Now I see Hank emerging as that guy so it's kinda fulfilling for me.

On Hank's breakout season:
He works extremely hard during the offseason, in the spring time. He gets a lot of work in. We may have just weights but he'll come out here and catch balls non stop and run routes. He's always doing something to get better, whether it's watching film or anything.

On Hank handling expectations:
He's ready for anything that comes his way. He had a lot of years to grow into the player he is now and the man he is. I feel like he's ready. We have a close relationship. Sometimes I call him my brother-in-law jokingly.

On injuries in high school:
My senior year, after we had a game in Texas, coming back the next game I sprained my shoulder and was out four games. I broke my collarbone my freshman year. They had me at defensive end. Those were freak accidents.

On this year's offense:
The sky's the limit with the offense. We have so many playmakers. We're deep at every position. The second guys can come in and get the job done, the third guys. They're taking a lot of reps, doing great things. If a guy goes down, I feel like we'll still be in a good position to win games. We're deep.

On this team compared to last year:
This year, the offense, I don't even know what to say about this year. I'm so excited about this year. Coach Bell tells us he wants us eating peanuts off the DB's heads. That's when you jump over defenders. I'm getting pretty full of those.

On Jacory's arm:
Sometimes when he throws me the ball, it's coming stronger like it's getting there quicker. Out routes, inside slants, intermediate routes, everything is coming out pretty quick, accuracy, everything.

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