Day 12: Shannon speaks

Read on to see what Randy Shannon was saying following Tuesday's practice, as the team continues to prepare for Wednesday's scrimmage.

On Wednesday's scrimmage:
It's the same thing. Break the mentals, play hard. Offensively, don't turn it over. Defensively, don't miss tackles.

On Lee Chambers:
It's good for the team and good for Lee. He played running back and defensive back in high school so its not a tough transition. We moved Damien berry from DB to running back. He's been playing special teams well for us, very aggressive kid, kinda like Sam a little bit. We see those things in him. He's a real good running back but it's an opportunity for us to get better as a defense.

On young guys playing a role:
Not really. What we do is try a find a place where somebody can help us. Lee's a veteran guy, he's played a lot. Here's a guy who plays running back, does a good job for us, and where will we need help? I always think about next year or down the road. Whatever we have on the team is what we have. Lee won't help us this year because he didn't go through spring football. By the fifth or six game, someone may get nicked and he'll be ready to go.

On his experience on defense:
You can't really move a guy who's never played it. That's how we moved Orlando and Fig to tackle because they played it in high school. It's like riding a bike, you just have to get used to it over again.

On DB compared to RB:
It's all the same. You don't backpedal as much in college. You may backpedal five steps and then turn and run. He has speed, hips, and feet. We're gonna continue to work with him.

On corner or safety:
He's working at corner right now. He played some in high school. Lee's a competitor and will do whatever it takes, like Mike james did playing fullback last year. They're good guys who believe in what we're trying to get done.

On Jacory Harris:
He's doing well but has a long ways to go still. Camp is camp. The more we keep working, the more we'll be OK. We like his progress, all the quarterbacks. He's doing a good job of reading what we're doing, throwing underneath very well. If it's man to man, he'll take his shots and that's what you want the offense to do.

On tomorrow's special teams work:
We'll work on punt, kickoff return, and punt pressure.

On punt protection:
It's a veteran team. Last year was a lot of young guys. We changed our punt protection to make it easier for them. Now we have a lot of guys returning and it makes it easier.

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