Day 12: Pat Hill

Pat Hill missed most of last season with an ankle injury and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Tuesday's practice.

On camp:
So far camp is going real good. We're executing a lot better. The team looks will good. The offense looks real good.

On being back:
I'm very excited. Being that I missed pretty much the whole season last year, I'm good to be back. We have a key games this year that I'm excited to be a part of.

On the scrimmage:
Scrimmages are a lot of fun. You get to get a lot of work done and fly around. We get to go against the best defense in college football.

On compared to last year:
I actually feel a lot better. I'm a little lighter and faster and quicker so I feel lot better. The time off did a lot of good.

On his weight:
I'm weighing today at 250 so about 5 pounds lighter.

On his exact injury:
I had a high ankle sprain.

On the injury:
It kind of caught me by surprise actually because I was able to go back in there for two more series before coming out. The plane ride home and the bus ride home from the airport I kind of felt it getting worse and worse and the next day I came in it was worse than the day before. I found out I was out for the season.

On Mike James playing FB:
The biggest thing I told him was to be patient. Going from running back and fullback I did that going from high school to Junior College. It's not as glorious. But it's still fun and you have to be focused and be a much smarter football player playing fullback.

On what they're working on:
We are all working on our second step in contact. Very important. The stalemate is a win to the defense. We are trying to get into our second step.

On the young backs:
They are looking great. It's going to be a tough decision. They are all great and they all bring something to the table.

On catching more balls:
Yes this year and we started to work at it last year but I got hurt. I don't know if a lot of people noticed last year but Mike James caught a lot of passes.

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