Day 13: Shannon speaks

The Canes practiced on Friday and you can read on to see everything Randy Shannon was saying afterward.

On today:
Coming back from the first day off we did some inside run stuff and some teams stuff and some past situation things just to get back into things. Tomorrow we will get back into two days and go a little bit harder and then the next day will do a walk-through the for our final scrimmage. Today was cleaning up a lot of things from the scrimmage which was really good. We went early today because freshmen had orientation today. We wanted to get in and out and get guys to orientation.

On big plays from the scrimmage:
Overall plays on both sides of the football. It wasn't a Damien Berry show. It was not a Mike James show. Storm Johnson had a real good game. Travis Benjamin had a real good game. Different guys showed up and it shows that when you have playmakers like that on offense you can do different things. Defensively we set some guys and put some guys and tough situations. Micanor Regis had some big plays. Andrew Smith had some big plays. All of them did well. The more those guys continue to grow the more those guys will be a step up different games.

On offense vs defense:
You will have some good plays and some bad plays. Most of the time when you scrimmage you have to see who is on the field at that time. Sometimes maybe it's the starters and sometimes maybe it's not the starters. When you look at it from that standpoint you see how you have to get better with this group and that grouping effects things and move on. Competition and the way those guys compete it can go either way. If one team is dominating then you feel bad about it you think you have a long ways to go.

On turnovers:
No caused fumbles which is really good. In the scrimmage we had two interceptions. Otherwise it was a clean game for the quarterbacks. Defense caused two turnovers and we had some three and outs on defense and we had some drives sustained on offense. The more those guys are balanced off the better we will be.

On Andrew Smith:
He's maturing a lot. He's done a lot of good things in the off-season especially in the summertime and worked out with coach Swasey and getting into the weight room. He has improved his conditioning. We are excited about how he's coming on. He makes mistakes still. We all make mistakes. He is improving every time and the more he keeps improving and the more he keeps getting better and better. He is doing an unbelievable job in pass rush. The more somebody can improve in one phase then he can work on the next phase of his game.

On Olivier Vernon:
He did well. He had a couple of big plays in tackles for losses. I think the defensive ends improved from last week. When you go from last week scrimmage to this week they improved on some technique things and made more plays. Now you have to take the next step.

On Leonard Hankerson:
I think Hank leads by example. The more he goes in the more he keeps playing the more he leads by example. He is not a yeller and a screamer. He works. You get a guy to work hard and then you follow his lead and that's how he leads.

On the safety position:
It is still the same. It has not changed. That's a competition for the position. Guys are making plays here and there but we want more consistency out of all that. The more consistent they are the better we will be as a football team. Coach McGriff continues to work with them well and keep grinding them and making sure they understand what we need from the position. They are still sophomores.

On Luther Robinson:
He did well. He improved. You watch from spring football until now what he's doing now he has really improved a lot. He is getting off the ball and making some plays and stuff like that. He is still immature a little bit as for as understanding what he needs to get done on a consistent basis. He works hard, he is in the classroom, he is in the film room asking questions and like anything he is a redshirt freshman. Coach Petri is doing a wonderful job of improving his game a lot. He is moving up and getting more reps.

On nicks and injuries:
We don't know yet. It's still a long ways to go. We have some nicks here and there and when those guys come back like Allen Hurns is back today. McGee and Ryan and Tyrone Cornelius practice today. You don't know until the last scrimmage what you are going to have as a team.

On the backup QB job:
It is still open. All of them really had a good scrimmage. You just have to keep going. They are all moving the football and. We'll have in there with some three and outs. The more they improve the more they scrimmage and the more they will be ready in game type situations.

On Colin McCarthy at MLB:
He has been working inside since day one. You guys just haven't noticed. You are all making it too big of a deal. When we're in nickel he is our middle linebacker. That is what we did from spring from day one. You all can make a big deal of it but we have been doing this in spring football.

On kickoffs:
It is still open we are trying to get Jake and the Hopfinger ready for the position. We have some scrimmages to go and we'll see what happens.

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