Day 13: Ramon Buchanan

Ramon Buchanan is competing for a starting job at linebacker and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Friday's practice.

On his role up until this season:
I played mostly special teams my first year. Coach always tells us to go down there and be a playmaker on special teams. You can have a big impact on the team. My freshman year I was just helping out the team doing what I can.

On special teams compared to LB:
On special teams you're more like a go getter. Plan linebacker is more tech geek and more mental. You have to do your assignments because if you post what you could be out of the gate.

On the linebackers right now:
Colin is out there being a leader and has stepping up. Me, Sean, and Jordan Futch are stepping up. Futch is a playmaker on special teams. They young guys have to be good on special teams and then you can travel.

On how he's helping the young guys:
Being physical out there. Showing them how to be a leader.

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