Day 13: Mike James

Mike James will play a key role in Miami's offense this season and you can read to see everything he was saying after Friday's practice.

On where Coach Cassano has helped me :
My pass blocking. He really showed me how to my feet and work hard and things like that.

On what needs to improve this season:
Most of all, winning games. Every time we step on the field we are looking to dominate. I feel like every time we step on the field we are going to dominate this year.

On how things will be different:
The thing we are looking to do this year is finish. Last year we did not do it as much. We let four games go because we did not finish. This year the main aspect is to finish games and close them and finish them the same way we start.

On fullback helping at tailback:
Yes it has. A whole lot. It showed me different things and taught me how to fit and things like that and it showed me how to stay on them and finish them so it helped me a lot.

On the depth at RB:
Most of all the competition. The coaches will evaluate who is going to play and things like that so we just have to come out and play hard every day.

On making things happen with the depth:
Every time you get the ball you want a positive play. That is the way we all are in this offense. Any time any running back touches the ball we want a positive play..

On how players are responding:
Everybody is responding well. Everybody knows it is a dog eat dog world on the field. We are all teammates, we are all friends but we all know it is competition.

On any starting jobs:
Nothing is locked up. That goes for everybody on the team. Everybody plays like they have a chip on their shoulder. Everybody plays like their spot can be taken at any time.

On the biggest improvement of a position group:
The biggest maturity has to be with their receivers. The receivers have matured a whole lot. Everybody knows they are talented and they have a lot of depth that they have matured a lot. They know the plays, they are catching the ball well, and they have matured a lot.

On the season opener:
I am looking very, very full to it I cannot wait. I am counting down the days.

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