Day 14: Shannon speaks

Read on to see everything Randy Shannon was saying after Saturday's first practice.

On today:
Guys really worked hard and we worked on the running game emphasis. They were bearing down and being physical. We worked on pass emphasis, third-down situation, and things like that.

On Lee Chambers:
You are not going to change much. He is learning and he is a competitor and he is going around and competing. He is playing well and doing really well for his progress for only being there three or four days. It has to be a process that they have to go through. We don't expect him to come out and know that defense and no the techniques and things like that. He is nowhere near that right now. Give him until about the fifth game of the season and he will be where he needs to be.

On Kendal Thompkins:
He is coming along well. You watch him and guys have been backed up like Allen Hurns and guys like that, he is getting a lot of opportunities so it is great to see him do some things. Like any kid, they come in as freshmen and redshirt freshman and now his third year he is maturing a lot. The offense is the same so there are a lot of good things going on.

On Chase Ford:
He has been doing really well. Chase has been learning the offense and we are very excited about it. He has not had a bad day out here since the first week. He is learning and getting the tempo down. He is getting better and has blocking and has been at it for us. We like what he is doing.

On the idea of having a receiving threat at tight end:
Like any team, if you can have two receivers and a guy inside then you can threaten the field. The most important thing you have to have on offense is that you have a running game and you have three threats. Look at the Dallas Cowboys and their great offense if teams, they always had a good time at. That's vital for any offense. You can't take out everybody. If you want to take out your receivers, then you got some tight end running open. If you are going to take at tight end, then you have some receivers. It gives you options. As a defense it's something you have to be worried about.

On the RB depth chart:
They are all the same. You won't know until the scrimmage time. We have blitz drill every day and during the scrimmages we have a lot of blitzes. The more they work in the more they see, the better we will be.

On Graig Cooper's return:
It all depends on the body. Injuries depend on the body. I can't tell you. Like last year, Eric Moncur was not supposed to play. Two days later he was feeling good and he was able to play. I cannot give you an assessment of what guys will be ready. It depends on their body.

On JoJo Nicolas:
He is just nicked.

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