Berry ready for season to start

Damien Berry is ready for his senior season to begin. Read on to see what he's saying just a few days before Miami's season opener.

On the season being here:
I am pretty much ready for this season. Fall camp is going well. I think I got better as a leader. I am just still working trying to see if I am going to start.

On the chemistry:
It is coming along really well and it is making us all work harder we are just trying to do big things as a group. There

On how he feels:
Everything feels good. I am running well and everything feels good.

On the turnaround he made last season:
On It has been a mindset change since I had my first game and everything went from there. I had to get my priorities straight and do what I wanted to do in life.

On where he's at in his career:
Put it this way. Think about the most exciting thing you've ever done in your life and if you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish and if you did everything you wanted to do. That is the best feeling in the world. It is pretty much like a dream come true. It is something you cannot explain.

On getting carries late in the season:
It really gave me a lot of confidence. Going into the games I was wondering why I wasn't planning but I knew I wasn't playing for myself. I finally came to the conclusion that it was me. I had to get myself straight. I had to focus more on football. That was it.

On the goals of the team:
Right now we just want to get in and finish games. We wanna play hard the first four games and play to the level of our competition. Right now we are just about winning and winning big.

On fall camp being over:
It feels great man. We are getting a lot more rest. It is feeling really good.

On Graig Cooper:
Cooper is looking great. He is opening up more and cutting better now. He is doing great.

On the freshmen:
I am very impressed with Storm, Eduardo, and those guys. They keep me on my toes.

On Lamar Miller:
Lamar, he's a great back. Mike is too.

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