Bosher: This team has matured a lot

Read on to see everything senior kicker Matt Bosher is saying just a few days before Miami's season opener.

On Randy Shannon's effective discipline:
We are allowed to police ourselves. We are allowed to take care of ourselves. I think that is something he has tried to instill since the beginning. He had to do so with that iron fist from the beginning. It is still there. He puts a fear of God into a lot of people in the beginning. It is still there when he needs to he lets it go.

On depth or height on kickoffs:
Both. We have to have the ball in the right spot. If not we are attacking the wrong part of the field. Distance plays a huge part too because if you can pin a team deep then it's hard for them to get up field and it is harder for them to set up their returns. It is a mix of both. If you are not going to kick the back of the end zone for touchbacks you have to make sure your placement is right every time.

On instilling discipline with the new kids every year:
I think it falls on the players for the most part now. Before it gets to the coaches, whether it is taking somebody aside and actually talking to them were just leading by example and showing them this is how it's done and this is how you need to do it all the time and if not there are serious consequences.

On his preseason accolades:
I feel like this year is the same as every other year. I just have to go out and do my job, whatever job that may be. I just want to get out on the field and help my team as much as possible. I put enough pressure on myself, whether it is to have this punt or make that kick or whatever it may be. The added stuff is great and I am proud of that but at the same time that has to be put on the back burner and I just have to go out and perform.

On this team growing up:
The maturity level on this team has really grown the last few years. The comfort level within the team, it is a very tight knit group now. I feel like that is going to help lead to a lot more success with this group. We have really been able to bond and grow together over the past couple years. We aren't that young team that we were a couple years ago. We have had a chance to grow together and not just grow individually and I think that is going to be huge.

On pressure of a big kick:
I think that is what you want as a kicker. You always want that big-time role on you at the end of the game. If you don't, I think you may have chosen the wrong position. A lot of it goes along with being at Miami. You want that pressure. The big plays in big games is what the school is all about.

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