Holmes: DL has gotten much better

Read on to see everything defensive tackle Josh Holmes is saying just a few days before the season opener.

On Jeremy Lewis:
Him and Luther, both of those kids have improved since last year. All those kids you are going to see a lot from them this year. They are all coming off the ball and being aggressive and they are playing way better technique. I am pretty sure he is going to get the reps on Thursday.

On what Lewis has improved on:
I am going to say with his hands, coming off the ball, his pass rush. His pass rush has gotten a lot better.

On Luther Robinson:
Luther has been playing great lately. Coming off the ball, he is jumping snap count. He is finally getting that confidence in himself to play hard and know he is a very talented kid. He goes out there and competes.

On the turnaround Robinson has made:
I am not sure what happened. I know for a fact he has confidence in himself. It has shown on the field. He is going out there making plays, playing hard and playing with good technique and a flying around. I think he is going to do good.

On the DL rotation:
Like it has always been since I've been here, we are all rotating. Personally you get about 30 steps a game. We are always just rotating. Talking to coach Petri, he tells me that is what we are going to keep on doing that. Maybe one series it'll be some people in and the next series other guys. Anybody can go in any part of the game and dominate. We can all have fun with each other. Everybody is out there laughing on the sidelines and making plays.

On Coach Petri:
Personally I thought I knew about the line from Coach Hurtt. Coach Petri has taken what we have learned and has expanded it. I am personally playing way better with my hands than I ever have. I am changing my stance a little bit. He changed up all of our stance is a little bit. It helps us get off the ball better and it helps us read better and it helps us put our feet there. Our technique and our pass rush has gotten a lot better.

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