Benjamin has been counting down the days

Read on to see everything wide receiver Travis Benjamin is saying a few days before the season opener.

On the team:
The team is feeling pretty good right now. Everybody knows their assignments. Everybody knows what we're trying to accomplish. Everybody is going into practice focused and ready to work on FAM.

On the receivers:
As a receiving corps everybody brings to the table something different. Me and Kendal, can bring the speed and agility. Hankerson, Byrd, and Aldarius are the big guys so they can go across the middle and catch a whole lot of balls.

On Jacory becoming more of a vocal leader:
At the beginning he wasn't really going to the motions but competing. Now when we get out of the huddle he tells you when to come out your breaks, whento do this, and he will throw to an area so us receivers can get the ball. If it is not in the huddle, he is talking more. He is the captain of the team now.

On the season finally being here:
it is very exciting. I have been counting down since the past six or seven days coming out of fall camp. Everybody in the locker room is pretty excited right now.

On what he wants to do:
Just being precise. We have been practicing and but now I just want to get into game room and get in shape. We want to be ready for that.

On his role in the return game:
Mostly on punt returns. On kickoff returns it is Lamar Miller, Storm Johnson, and Brandon Harris.

On a tough schedule:
On We want to go out there play as hard as we can. It is a big game every week, week in and week out. We just have to go out there and play hard.

On the mindset of playing a 1AA opponent:
Everybody has the same. We have to take it one game at a time and play as hard as you can. Just do not look past the team you're playing. It's a big game next week but we have to take it one by one.

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