Q&A With Miami Commit Evan Klepec

On Monday, defensive end Evan Klepec became the first commitment to the Miami RedHawks for the 2008 season. The Youngstown product spoke with RedHawk Insider about his commitment, his preparation for college, how he sees his future, and more.

When did you commit to Miami?
It was Monday morning, about 5 minutes before they started senior camp.

What made you finally decide you wanted to be a RedHawks?
It was that final tour when I finally got to look around the campus. Junior day had me hooked on the athletic part. This made me sure I could get a good education, and keep up academically and athletically.

What other schools were you considering along the way?
A few of the other schools were Ball State, Kent State, and Ohio University. I had a big interest in (Ohio U). I just finally decided on Miami because of the rural town. It's a real personal town.

You still have a full year of high school to go, what was the motivation to end the process now?
It was the assurance that I have somewhere to go after my senior year. I want a chance to get an education if God forbid I get injured or something happens. If I blow out my knee in week nine this season I know I can go somewhere and get a great education.

What will you do during that year to get you ready for college?
Trying to get bigger, stronger, getting ready for senior year. Then it will just be hitting weight room, getting myself bigger and stronger.

Did the coaches give you any insight as to how you will fit into the Miami system?
From what I got, I'm going to fit very well. From what I've seen on tape of their defense, it's what I excel at. It's pass rushing, get to the quarterback, and I try to get to the quarterback as much as possible. I'm a bigger kid, I can power through people.

If you had to assess your own game, what would you say are your biggest strengths that you bring to the field?
Obviously my size. A kid of my size, and even a little smaller, those are hard to come by. My head coach has also told me I'm a very good leader. I think I lead us to a few victories just by keeping up the team's morale.

On the same token, what do you hope to improve on in your senior year and once you get to Miami?
My conditioning. A lot of the times last year it was tough playing the whole game. Also, I want to get in the weight room and just get bigger and stronger.

Finally, any words out there to the RedHawks faithful that are excited to have their first recruit of the 2008 recruiting season on board?
I'm real excited to get down there and get to work. I know Miami had a down year, but now I'm looking to bring them back to their glory days.

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