Kempe Looks for Balance, Interested in Miami

It's not rare for one of the best quarterbacks in the state of Florida to consider going to Miami. However, it is more unusal when that Miami is in Oxford, Ohio. But you can consider Conner Kempe the exception. Kempe, a rising senior, visited the RedHawks last week and came away impressed with much more than just the football scene.

"Conner visited Miami last week and had a great trip," said Conner's father Joe Kempe in an email.

What made the trip great had little to do with the numerous bowl banners, or the fact that Miami's last two quarterbacks are now receiving NFL paychecks. In fact, many of schools after Conner can showcase more banners and more NFL stars. What the Kempe family is looking for has as much to do with what happens off the field as what Conner will be able to accomplish on the field.

"Conner has dismissed approximately 12 D1A offers because of a lack of balance," said the elder Kempe. "He is also considering a number of Ivy league schools."

This indicates that what the Kempe's are truly interested in is a grade A education. And despite offers from such well regarded schools like Virginia and Stanford, that is where Miami comes in.

"Miami has better football [than Ivy league schools] and offers a class degree," said Joe.

And although many might think those comments are simply lip service, the Kempe family is taking action to prove their interest in Miami is genuine.

"He has asked to speak with some players from Florida about life at Miami," said Joe. "[Conner] will be speaking to them this week, including [current Miami linebacker, and son of former Bengals head coach Dave] Chris Shula."

While those folks are unlikely to brag about the weather in southwest Ohio, like they might at the other Miami, it is clear that is far from the first thing on the mind of Conner and Joe Kempe.

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