Coach Von Bergen On Miami's Class of 2008

The Miami RedHawks football program signed 18 players on letter of intent day yesterday. Behind the recruiting of those men was Miami's recruiting coordinator/WR coach Brian Von Bergen. Coach Von B gave RedHawk Insider his scouting report on each new member of the RedHawk family.

OL Brad Bednar
Bednar is developmental. Like Coach Montgomery said, he's got some length to him, he's got the potential to add weight. I like he's a tackle.

OL Matt Kennedy
Kennedy is also a tackle body. Right now he's kind of a big tight end. He's a guy we're hoping can put on the weight. How big he gets is the question mark. We turned to him later in the process. He's a good tough player, his dad played football for Georgia Tech.

OL Andrew Phelan
Phelan is the body we haven't had a lot of success getting, and we're excited because he's a 280-285 guy coming in. That's bigger than what we've usually got with this developmental formula. He's a good player.

OL Nick Kemper
I personally got to know Nick in the recruiting process. That one started about two years ago. He was on the radar and we didn't know how big he was going to get, but boy has he filled out nicely. His dad's got a coaching background, so he comes in as more than just a developmental player. He knows the deal. He played in an all-star game that was very prestigious. He was given a lot of respect by his peers, and his surrounding coaches.

WR Joe Clarke
We stole him because he didn't have a very good offense [in high school]. A lot like Martin Nance in that there was not a lot on tape to see. South Florida wanted him but they couldn't get him to pop early and he hung in there with us. We're excited to have Joe. He's got a nice big body.

WR Andy Cruse
He earned himself a scholarship at our summer camp. He is the big body I was looking for. He's a tall receiver with phenomenal finishing skills. Cruse will have a chance to compete right away. I like his ability to react and go get the ball.

WR Julian Harrell
Harrell is a great looking athlete. He reminds me of Josh Williams; He's got a great body, but he also moves well. He can catch the ball in traffic and also run after the catch. He's versatile enough that at some point the defensive coaches are going to try to steal him from us but we're going to try to keep him on offense.

RB Dan Green
Danny Green has phenomenal feet. He will get stronger. Don't forget, he should be getting ready for his senior prom, but he enrolled early. Quincy Landingham did the same thing last year; He enrolled early at Wisconsin. In a weird way, we're getting in on some backs that had the academics to come out early, but will also be able to compete right away.

RB Jay Taylor
Fast. A stronger, power body, not a tall back. A lot faster than I originally thought. I like his speed.

QB Zac Dysert
Probably the catch of the class. Like coach said, he's a top player. It's nice that we got the top quarterback out of Ohio. Once again, Ohio State didn't take the top quarterback in Ohio, and that gave us a chance. Cincinnati and a bunch of people wanted him. We're happy he stuck with us, because right now we only have two scholarship quarterbacks on the team.

TE Trevor Behmke
Good athlete. He had a lot of national publicity early, and got hurt as a senior, but we saw a lot of fluidity and ability to move. We are going to give him a chance to play tight end. He's the type of guy we've had luck putting weight on.

ST Jim Broadway
It's nice that he's duel – he's a kicker and a punter. Where he ends up helping us, I don't know, but we're excited about him. Georgia Tech was trying to get him to go their way, and in the end I think Coach Montgomery did a great job getting him.

DL Michael Johns
He looks like a big time player – we stole one. They said he was undersized during the camp circuit. But he filled out by the season rolled around, had a great senior year, and in the process he held off some Big Ten interest like Iowa.

DL Evan Klepec
Klepec is a nice, strong, tough, physical player. He's a nice Youngstown product. I don't know if he'll help next year, but he's definitely a guy you can see getting big and helping us out.

LB Luke Kelly
One of those guys that's taller than you would think for a linebacker. Kelly will get stronger; He plays basketball so he looks a little skinny right now. But he's going to be a very good linebacker. He's got great range.

LB Jaytee Swanson
Maybe my favorite player of this class. We put Clayton Mullins on him as a host and said "go get him." They have a lot of similar interests; they are outdoorsmen. And quite honestly, he's a guy that came to our campus and flipped, because he was going to go to Air Force. Our team, our players, our facilities, and the whole thing flipped him.

DB DJ Brown
We look for tall DB's, and he's a tall corner. Will he help us next year? We're deep enough that he may or may not, but he's certainly a guy we like because of his height.

DB Brian Sutherland
Sutherland's got speed. Brown's a little taller than Sutherland, but Sutherland's probably got more skill. He's a great return guy. He could probably be an offensive player, but we're going to use him as a corner.

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