Reggie Keely: The Next Great PF?

The Miami RedHawks have had a strong tradition of forwards who have made it to the NBA. The next great Miami power forward could be a man child from northeast Ohio named Reggie Keely.

The Miami RedHawks have had a strong tradition of forwards who have made it to the NBA. There were All-Americans Ron Harper and Wally Sczcerbiak. Ira Newble started as a power forward at Miami and is still playing in the NBA. In addition, in the last few years Miami has sent All-MAC power forwards Danny Horace and Nathan Peavy to play professionally oversees. Then of course is recent Miami graduate Tim Pollitz. Pollitz developed from a lightly recruited player who played just 40 minutes as a freshman to a two time All-MAC power forward. Pollitz will certainly have a nice professional basketball career if his body holds up.

The next great Miami power forward could be a man child from northeast Ohio named Reggie Keely. Like Newble and Horace, class of 2009's Reggie Keely believes he too will play professional basketball after college. As such, Keely wants to major in business management. Keely wisely said, "If I do make it to the next level, I want to be able to manage the money. You cannot play basketball forever."

Keely is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, senior-to-be in the state of Ohio. He measures 6-8, 235 pounds, and sports a massive body. And that body is only going to get bigger. Keely said, "I am not done growing. I went to the doctor a couple months ago and I was off the charts. The doctor said I was supposed to be 6-4 but I keep growing." In college, Keely wants a playing weight between 240 and 245 with a body fat percentage around 8 to 10%.

Keely is versatile. He can step up and hit a jumper, play back to the basket, or just move people in the lane with his brute strength. Keely says he is good around the basket, but is not a flashy dunker. He patterns his defense around USA Olympian Dwight Howard. He also said his offensive game is similar to Kevin Garnett.

Last year with Bedford High School, Keely averaged 18 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 blocks per game.

Recently, Keely has been having very poor luck sticking with one team. His AAU team, the D-1 Greyhounds based in Cincinnati, started the spring off promising but eventually folded in mid-season. Keely then had to join up with the Donyell Marshall Foundation, an AAU team out of Pennsylvania.

Keely's misfortune continued with his high school team. Last year, he transferred in to Bedford High School and played a season there. However, his family had to move so he will be playing with Cleveland Heights High School this year. Keely said of his reason to transfer from Bedford, "It is nothing against the coach or school. I just had to move for family reasons." Keely expects Cleveland Heights to be a fast break type of team.

Keely admits that he has a little work to do academically, but expects to be eligible to play NCAA Division I college basketball next year. Keely said, "I did not do so well (academically) as a freshman, but I turned it around my sophomore year."

The schools that are recruiting Keely include Miami (OH), Ohio, Kent State, Rider, Penn State, Iowa, Indiana, Cleveland State, Oakland, and others. Akron was also interested in Keely, but is now out of scholarships. Of those, he has offers from Ohio, Kent, Miami, Rider, Cleveland State, Oakland, and some others that he could not think of at the time.

Keely said he will be narrowing it down to his top five soon. He cannot say who those five will be except that Miami and Cleveland State will "definitely be on that list." Keely said he is being recruited hardest by Miami, Cleveland State, Kent, Ohio, and Rider.

Reggie Keely has taken unofficial visits so far to Miami, Kent, Oakland, Cleveland State, and Akron. The visits to Miami and Oakland stuck out. Keely said, "Miami had a really nice campus. They got a great group of guys and coaches. I talk to (Miami assistant) Coach (Ryan) Pedon or (Miami Head Coach) Jermaine Henderson once or twice a week." Keely said the same holds true for Oakland.

Keely said he has unofficial visits scheduled with Indiana (August 23rd), Ohio (end of month or beginning of September), Kent, and Miami (early September). Keely does not intend on ever making an official visit with Cleveland State because he lives so close to that campus. Keely said Indiana began recruiting him when Kelvin Sampson was still the head coach. Keely said, "They have been sending me stuff since Coach Sampson was there. Then they kind of stopped after he left and just started up again. They have not seen me play and wanted to meet me."

In evaluating colleges, Keely wants to attend a school that has a good business program. He also wants a school that will develop him as a player. Finally, he wants a school where he can see immediate playing time as a freshman. Keely said, "I don't want to redshirt my freshman year or anything." As for this last criterion, he has carefully studied the graduating seniors and already determined that he will see "PT" as a freshman at "Miami, Ohio, Cleveland State, and Kent."

Reggie Keely will make a decision a couple weeks before or after basketball season starts. Keely said, "Right now, I am not comfortable with the schools recruiting me. I want to wait and commit when it feels right."

On a personal level, Keely enjoys spending time with his autistic brother. Keely said, "I take care of him on the weekends. We go to the playground and try to treat him like any other kid." It is Keely's wish that his brother have as much of a regular kid's life as possible.

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