Aaron Cosby is Being Watched

On the weekend of September 6, Aaron Cosby made an unofficial visit to Bloomington, Indiana. It is the first of many visits scheduled for Cosby over the next few months where he will visit Purdue, Miami (OH), Minnesota, Dayton, and possibly Vanderbilt, Virginia, and Ohio. RedHawk Insider recently caught up with Cosby to discuss his IU visit and what lies ahead for him.

On the weekend of September 6, Aaron Cosby made an unofficial visit to Bloomington, Indiana. It is the first of many visits scheduled for Cosby over the next few months where he will visit Purdue, Miami (OH), Minnesota, Dayton, and possibly Vanderbilt, Virginia, and Ohio. RedHawk Insider recently caught up with Cosby to discuss his IU visit and what lies ahead for him.

On the visit to IU, Cosby said he was shown around campus initially. He also played pickup games with the team and got a chance to meet the IU coaching staff. Cosby also attended part on the Indiana-Murray State football game.

When asked what he saw around campus, Cosby said, "At the football game, I saw the tailgate parties. That was about the only thing going on at that time."

The weekend of September 20, Cosby will visit the other Big Ten school in Indiana. The visit will coincide with Purdue's home football tilt with defending MAC champion Central Michigan.

Cosby also said he will visit Miami for the fourth time in October. He will also visit Minnesota on November 6th and maybe Dayton sometime in October, although that has not been scheduled yet. Cosby was supposed to visit Dayton last weekend (September 13th), but was unable to make it.

Ohio and Virginia are trying to get him in for a visit soon as well. He may visit Vanderbilt as well. Besides Miami and Indiana, Cosby has already taken visits to Dayton and Louisville.

Cosby said he will be bringing the entire family and entourage with him on his fourth visit to Miami. Included in the group coming with him will be his mother, grandfather, and his Jeffersontown High School coach Jeff Morrow. Cosby was originally slated to visit this past weekend for the Miami-Charleston Southern football game. However, Cosby said the visit date was moved to October because, according to Cosby, Miami's "coaches told my dad that will be a better weekend because the ‘09 recruits will be there."

Cosby and his father have followed the five commitments Miami has picked up recently in the class of 2009. This recruiting class is being mentioned by some sources as the top mid-major recruiting class in the nation. Cosby said, "The coaches told me about them. It sounds like a really good class."

Cosby has also been following Miami's 2009 recruits online. Cosby said, "My father and I have been looking at Miami Hawktalk. We were reading the 2009 recruit threads and RedHawk Insider articles on the 2009 recruits."

Cosby personally knows one such Miami recruit. "I have met Drew Kelly before at the Western Kentucky elite camp," Cosby said. "I think he is really good. He is going to be a really strong post player for Miami."

In looking at Miami's future, Cosby sees playing at Miami as a very real possibility. Cosby said, "It would be a good situation for me to come into Miami. Especially the guard situation would be a good fit."

Miami Head Coach Charlie Coles and Associate Head Coach/acting Head Coach Jermaine Henderson have talked to Cosby about what his role would be at Miami if he would chose to be a RedHawk. Cosby said, "They would use me a as a combo guard, not just the 1 or the 2. I would be used as a playmaker with the ball in my hand." This role suits Cosby fine because he would "prefer to be a combo and play both positions, whatever the team needs."

Despite landing what is being recognized as one of Miami's best recruiting classes ever, the glaring holes in the RedHawks' future is obviously at the two guard positions. Beginning with the 2010-11 season, the current roster for Miami will have only four guards. Those four consist of just one shooting guard (Rodney Haddix , a senior) and three ball handling guards (junior Kramer Soderberg and sophomores Allen Roberts and Orlando Williams).

Because Miami will lack depth at the guard spots in 2010-11, Miami will likely be looking for a guard with the lone scholarship available for the class of 2010. Ideally, that guard would be a combo guard like Cosby who can play the 1 and the 2.

Current Miami RedHawks acting head coach Jermaine Henderson has been targeting Cosby since he was a freshman. The Miami staff has let Cosby know that they consider him a priority for the one scholarship available for the class of 2010. He said, "They think I can help push the program over the top. Really make the team good."

Cosby added that the Miami staff told him he had a chance to come in and start as a freshman at one of the two guard positions. Cosby told RedHawk Insider last month he was looking for a school where he could make an immediate impact.

The most recent visit was on August 24, 2008. Cosby told RedHawk Insider last month that the visit really went well. Cosby said, "I enjoyed my visit. I really like what Miami has to offer." On that visit, Cosby got a chance to see more of the campus and athletic facilities and came away impressed.

Cosby and his family have bonded with Coach Henderson. Cosby explained, "I like the coaching staff. I have a good relationship with Jermaine Henderson."

A relationship with his future coach is very important to Cosby and his family. Cosby told RedHawk Insider last month, "I am looking for the right situation where there is a good relationship with the coaches and I am comfortable with the coaching staff."

Cosby is also planning on taking a fifth visit to Miami this winter to take in a basketball game, watch a practice, and meet the team. The 6'3", 175 pound combo guard has taken three unofficial visits to Miami over the past two years.

Cosby, who decommitted from Massachusetts last spring maintains that has received no new offers since he originally spoke with RedHawk Insider. Those offers are from Miami, Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Ohio, and Western Kentucky. He is also hearing from Indiana, Purdue, Dayton, Vanderbilt, Virginia, and Auburn.

Of the schools above, Cosby said he is being recruited the hardest by "Miami, Minnesota, Ohio, Virginia, and Dayton." Jeffersontown started having open gyms last week. Coaches from Miami and Dayton were at the first practice. "I saw (Miami assistant) Coach (Ryan) Pedon and Jermaine Henderson," Cosby said, "Miami told me they want to make at least one open gym per week."

Vanderbilt was at the second open gym. Coaches from Minnesota, Louisville, and Virginia also evaluated Cosby at open gyms this past week. Cosby also said, "The Ohio U. coach said he will try to make it to an open gym."

Cosby said that Minnesota and Miami are still the top two on his list.

Cosby was already considered by some as the best guard in the Kentucky Class of 2010. Now, one scouting service thinks enough of him to rank him as the #1 player in the state overall. Per Jody Demling of the Louisville Courier-Journal, Cosby was just named as the top player in the strong Kentucky junior class. This same service also has Cosby ranked in the top 50 in the nation.

Cosby was honored to be ranked at the top of the state. Cosby said, "Being #1 is what I have been working on. It is harder to stay #1. I have to keep working hard and improving."

Cosby originally said not to expect any quick decisions from Cosby this second time around. "I will not decide until my senior year, but will sign in the early (November) signing period," said Cosby, "I committed to UMass early and this time I want to wait."

Now Cosby is open to the possibility of committing early. Cosby said, "I might wait until next summer or I might commit during my junior season. If I'm ready, I will."

Stay tuned to RedHawk Insider as we continue to follow Cosby's recruitment.

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