Bell Just Filling His Role

While Le'Veon Bell was the talk of Spartan fans in week one, he knew it was too early to ordain him with star status. Saturday proved to be another day for the freshman running back to learn and grow as a college football player. Bell spoke with Spartan Digest following the game.

With a breakout performance in week one, Le'Veon Bell of Reynoldsburg (Ohio) Groveport Madison High School became the center of attention of Spartan fans and rightfully so. However, Bell knows one week of good numbers does not make you a star or even a starter at the college game.

Instead of becoming a player with a bigger ego, Bell has stayed humble knowing he is still in a major learning area in his career.

"The past two weeks I have just tired to do whatever the coaches need me to do or want to use me at. I just try to fill in and do the best I can when called upon."

While Bell has made running the football at the college level look easy, he knows the slightest mistake can become a major one.

"The game speed is starting to slow down for me. Today, it got away from me a little bit, as I tried to make too big of a play, and in doing so it ended up a negative play. It is something that I will learn from and not make the same mistake again next week or later in the season."

As one of the few members of the Class of 2010 to enroll early at Michigan State, Bell got the chance to get on the fast track with his college career. Looking back, was it the right move?

"The spring practice really helped me a lot as I got a feeling for the game speed early on. I feel it allowed me to get more reps than I would have if I had waited to report with the rest of the freshmen. So yes, it was the right move and I'm very happy I did it."

With two young but veteran backs in front of him, has he found his teammates to be helpful in making his adjustment?

"Larry Caper and Edwin Baker have really helped me a lot in the film room and on the field. Josh Rouse also was a big help when he was here with us. I have just tried to learn everything I can each and every day."

For Bell, the future looks bright, but he knows it will not happen unless he continues to work hard on and off the field.

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