Spartan Head Coach Suffers Heart Attack

Coming off one of the biggest victories of his coaching career, Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio suffers a heart attack.

Saturday night was one of the biggest nights in Mark Dantonio's coaching career.

His Michigan State Spartans had just walked off the field from defeating Notre Dame 34-31 in an overtime thriller that will go down in Spartan History know as "Little Giants", and fan's, coaches, players and families were excited and enjoying the moment.

Later, after all the dust had settled, Dantonio was admitted to Sparrow Hospital Emergency Room early on Sunday morning with symptoms consistent with a heart attack.

While at the hospital, Dantonio had a cardiac catheterization procedure performed that restored blood flow to the heart muscle.

Dr. Chris D'Haem, DO, an interventional cardiologist with Thoracic and Cadriovascular Institute (TCI) and Sparrow, performed the procedure.

"The procedure was successful and blood flow to the heart muscle was restored," Dr. D'Haem said. "I'm very pleased with the outcome of the procedure. Coach Dantonio is resting comfortable following his procedure and is expected to make a full recovery.

"He is young, in excellent shape, and the damage to his heart was minimal. Coach Dantonio made the right decision to come in and get checked out immediately."

In his absences, offensive coordinator Don Treadwell will manage the day-to-day responsibilities of the head coach. No timeline has set for Coach Dantonio's return to the sidelines.

"Mark Dantonio is our head coach," MSU Athletics Director Mark Hollis said. "Throughout his recovery process, offensive coordinator Don Treadwell will assume the day-to-day responsibilities of head coach. This is a time for Spartan Nation to rally around Coach D and the football program. We all look forward to his return to the sidelines. The thoughts of the entire Spartan family are with Coach D, his wife Becky and his daughters Kristen and Lauren." Coach Treadwell shared the same feelings about the situation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Coach D and his family," Treadwell said. "We wish him a full and speedy recovery, so he can rejoin us on the sidelines. In the interim, the vast majority of this coaching staff has been together for seven years, so we won't miss a beat as we move forward and build upon the momentum of last night's thrilling victory." wishes Mark, Becky, and the girls the best during this trying time. I have known Coach D for six years and know he will make a full recovery and help the Spartans have a great season.

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