Williamson Talks About Commitment

Saturday night was one crazy night and Roger "R.J." Williamson was on hand for all of the excitement. Monday night, R.J. was ready to let the world know what his college future would behold.

Saturday night was not just any night for Roger Williamson of Dayton (Ohio) Dunbar High School. The 6-foot-2, 180-pound, Williamson, had already let the Michigan State coaching staff in on his plans, but waited until Monday night to let the world know he was going to be a Spartan.

What was it like taking in the Spartans victory over Notre Dame?

"It was crazy, the fans were electric, the atmosphere was crazy, and you could tell the whole town supports the team no matter if they are up or down."

While R.J. is excited about his college commitment, he also knows some bigger things have happened since he left East Lansing with Coach Mark Dantonio.

"I have not talked with Coach D at all. When I get home tonight, I'm going to call Coach Barnett and see if I can talk with Coach D. I hope to talk with Coach D soon, but I understand if I'm not able to at this time. I heard about everything by watching television and seeing it go across the screen. I couldn't believe my eyes so I wanted to make sure I had seen the right thing, so I waited for it to go back across again to make sure. I'm going to be calling the coaches when I get home tonight and hope to know more."

With the support of his mother, R.J. has set out with a solid plan in making his college choice.

"I talked with my mom and she asked going in to this is if this was going to be all about football or about my life after football. We both agreed that academics were number one in any decision. So when I sat down with the coaches at Michigan State, I didn't even get it out of my mouth when they told me they were going to prepare me for life. They said they were going to get me right for football, but that they were first going to get me right for life. I took that as this was the type of school I needed to be at. If they are going to help guide me through school and give me help when I need it, then this was the decision I needed to make."

In the end, three schools stood out for Williamson and all for different reasons. With the Spartans winning the recruiting battle, who else was at the top?

"I would have to say Stanford. When you get a degree from Stanford that goes a long way on your resume. I would have to say Cincinnati was next and they may have been higher than Stanford because of how close they are to home. I would have been able to get back to the city whenever I needed, but I also felt I needed to get away from home. Michigan State gave me everything I was looking for."

Saturday gave Williamson a chance to connect with a couple of his future teammates and a few he hopes will be joining him in East Lansing.

"I talked with Joel Heath and Donavon Clark before the game. But I also talked with a couple of non-committed players, especially Doran Grant. If we have Doran up there it will be great. I told Doran, I do not know where you are going, but I'm going to be on you the whole time. I'll be in contact with him more because we need him up there. Side-by-side, he would be one of the best corners I ever played with."

SpartanDigest.com will have more on Roger Williamson's verbal pledge to the Spartans as we spoke with his mother and high school coach. We will also have more from Roger about his choice to be a Spartan.

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