Dantonio Ready To Go

After missing last week, Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio is prepared to get back to the grind of running the Spartans. On Tuesday, everyone learned of the Spartans head coach return.

Taking the podium at Spartan Stadium on Tuesday should not have been a surprise to anyone who knows Mark Dantonio. Yes, the Spartans head coach had a medical procedure done following the victory over Notre Dame. Yes, most people would be looking to take a few sick days when they can. But not Dantonio. He knows where he needs to be and that is with his football team as they get ready to start Big Ten Conference play against 4-0 and ranked Wisconsin.

"The reason I came to the press conference today, the reason I was around our football team on Sunday, the reason I was in the office on Monday (yesterday) was because I think it's very, very important that we focus on Wisconsin, that the focus go from Mark Dantonio and that night to Wisconsin and what we have to get done this weekend."

Make no mistake, Mark Dantonio knows what happened to him is nothing to take for granted. However, he also knows this season could be special and feels he needs to play some role in the outcome. The question now will be if Dantonio will coach from the coaches box, or from the sideline.

"I would expect to be in the box on Saturday. I just think walking around out there for three hours might be a little bit tiring. But that would be my initial plan at this point."

While Mark Dantonio spoke with a twinkle in his eye on Tuesday, he knows football coaches are hired and fired for wins and losses. So do not be surprised when he moves the subject off his health and back onto football. That is the way he wants it and the way he wants his team to take it.

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