The Coach Says This About Roger Williamson

As the Class of 2011 continues to grow, we look to reach out and speak with Michigan State verbal pledges high school coaches to get their feelings on their athlete. We start with Roger Williamson's high school coach James Lacting.

The job of a high school football coach and take many different turns. Father, mother, brother, mentor and disciplinary are just some of the words that come to mind when you thing of those who blow the whistle and spent countless hours with young people during some of the most important years of their development.

So what do coaches say when asked about their major football recruits?

Let us find out what Dayton (Ohio) Dunbar football coach James Lacting had to say about Roger Williamson his star two-way player.

You have been around RJ for some time, what makes his so special?

"He's a good all around kid, academically, work ethic, and he's a natural leader. We're just glad he's a part of our program."

How do you feel about RJ and him making his college decision at this time?

"He is the ideal student athlete. A lot of colleges have been knocking on our doors and I know he's happy to put this whole thing behind him and concentrate on his season and then move onto bigger and better things in life."

What are your thoughts on the Michigan State staff and how they recruited RJ?

"The staff seems to be a fun staff, and a good staff to play for. It is a great staff and is a great fit for RJ. He comes from a family of athletes and it is his turn to continue the tradition and leave his legacy behind for his family."

Coach Lacting & RJ Williamson

Do you feel there is outside pressure for kids in Ohio to stay in state to play college ball?

"I do not thing there is too much pressure, RJ made the choice to go elsewhere because it was best for him. I do know Ohio State had a lot of interest in him, but they had not offered. His family, especially his mom and dad, felt Michigan State was the best place for him."

What does RJ bring to the field?

"A lot of our opponents have compared him to a gazelle or a pterodactyl; he's just super athletic and just a pleasurable kid to coach and a great athlete."

Spartan Digest will continue to speak with the high school coaches about their players who have given Michigan State their verbal pledge.

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