Heath Blown Away

Michigan State verbal pledge Joel Heath talks about his recent unofficial visit to Michigan State with SpartanDigest.com

For Joel Heath the full effect of his future being in the Big Ten had not fully set in. He had heard about the passion fans had in Big Ten Country, but had never really experienced it himself until his visit to Michigan State for the Spartans battle with Notre Dame.

"I have never experienced anything like that before," Heath told SpartanDigest.com. "That many people on one night coming together made it the perfect atmosphere. That was Big Ten Football at its best and the reason I want to be a Spartan."

While blown away by the crowd, the play on the field really inspired the Cincinnati (Ohio) native to push himself to take his game to another level.

"Everyone up there was good and it showed me that I have a lot of work to do if I plan on being on that level."

While the game was exciting from the start, the ending to the Notre Dame game is something Heath will always remember.

"I did not thing Coach Dantonio would do that. I thought they would kick the field goal and play another period of overtime, but it worked and it was crazy."

While some of the recruits who visited that night saw the Spartans head coach after the game, Heath was not one of them.

"I had talked with Coach Dantonio prior to the game so we didn't stay after the game and headed back home. We heard on the radio that something had happened and I called Coach Barnett to see how Coach Dantonio was. He told us that everything was going to be fine and he would keep us informed."

With a tight relationship built with Coach Barnett, Joel knows he is only a phone call or email away.

"I try to talk with Coach Barnett every week. If we do not talk we email. I want to talk with him as much as I can."

With the Notre Dame game being at night, Joel used his time early in the day to learn more about his soon to be new home.

"I'm so excited about going to Michigan State. I was able to see a lot of stuff I did not see in my other visits. I wish I could be there now and be playing now."

Another thing that has excited the 6-foot-6, 255-pound defensive end is the quick friendship he is building with fellow Cincinnati native Donavon Clark.

"When I found out that Donavon had committed I got in contact with him. We have become friends over the past several weeks and have a lot in common coming from the same place. I'm excited to be going to Michigan State at the same time Donavon is."

The 2010 season has not gone as planned for Joel, but things are starting to turn around.

"We lost our first two games, but we have now won three in a row. We play Northwest on Friday and we should get another victory. I have not reached some of the goals I have set for myself but I'm working hard on reaching them before the season ends."

SpartanDigest.com will check back with Joel to keep Spartan fans updated on his status.

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