Paul Lang Talks Spartan Visits

Class of 2011 tight end pledge Paul Lang has now seen two Spartan games this season. We caught up with Lang as he made the return trip to his home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Despite coming from Western Pennsylvania, Paul Lang fully understands what being a Spartan is all about. Saturday's game against Wisconsin marked his second chance to watch the Spartans in action, and the experience is something he enjoys being part of.

"It was defiantly an awesome atmosphere and a great win against Wisconsin. It was a great thing to see. It was only my second game that I've seen at Michigan State, and was my first Big Ten game I have seen. "It was a great thing for me to see just from the atmosphere and the game play. The whole time I was thinking that is going to be me someday and it was a good thing to see."

Lang has been strong in his pledge to the Spartans and has made sure others college coaches understand his commitment.

"I've not really talked to other coaches since I became a Spartan. I told the other coaches I committed and they have backed off. It would not matter anyways as I'm very confident in my decision to be a Spartan."

As for his senior season, Lang was a bit shy about talking about himself, but wanted others to know he's continuing to take his game to another level and his team is having great success.

"We are 5-0 and just had our first conference game so we are 1-0 in our conference. I'm doing pretty well; I feel I'm having a good start to my senior year. Stat wise I'm not sure about the numbers, but I know I have more yards and catches than I had all of last year and passed those after our second game."

Having been at the Notre Dame game, Paul learned about his future coach Mark Dantonio as he was heading home for the game.

"I found out on my drive home from Michigan State. It was very unfortunate to hear about it, but it was just minor and he's going to be ok. He was very quiet when I was around him that night, but I'm just glad that he is alright."

Spartan coaches are making sure committed players have the latest news on their soon to be head coach.

"They are saying how everything is precautionary and that Coach D is going to be alright. He's staying in the hospital to be safe. He's in all our prayers, but the Spartan family is strong and Coach D has built a strong program to where even without him there things can continue. It is rough, but Spartan pride is still there and strong."

Like others in the Spartans recruiting class, Paul is working to get others to join the program.

"I've been trying to keep in contact with some of the guys. When I come and visit I have spoken with guys who are looking at Michigan State and I tell them how good it feels to be a Spartan."

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, Paul has watched Big East and Big Ten football. Is there a difference between the two?

"Yes, Big Ten football is much stronger. I have grown up watching both and just from watching I can tell the difference."

With it being Michigan Week, Paul along with his soon to be teammates are learning about what will be their biggest rival. Is he grasping what is at stake between the two teams? Will he be watching?

"Yea, definitely. Even when Michigan State is not playing Michigan you can feel the hatred. When they announce the scores at the game you can feel the tensions between the two teams. I'm going to watch it at my house on TV. I do not have any feelings for them." will continue to keep in contact with Paul and other prospects who are looking at the Spartans or who have made their verbal pledge.

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