Roushar Talks About Wisconsin Victory

Make no mistake the coaches of Michigan State are very happy with the victory over Wisconsin. Nevertheless, they also know, this is just one of several games to come that will determine the overall outcome and success of the season. Dan Roushar spoke with about Saturday's game.

Despite having a couple of turnovers, Spartans offensive line coach Dan Roushar was happy with quarterback Kirk Cousins overall performance and the performance of his offensive line. What stood out?

"I thought Kirk had an outstanding day. He had the turnovers there but he kept his composure and played with a lot of poise. We were really good on third downs and that is something we had struggled a bit the last few weeks. The guys up front I thought battled and I was very impressed with their competiveness and willingness to work. Every time they had to answer, they answered, so I was very impressed with them. "

While everyone was happy with the outcome, Coach Roushar was still thinking about the score that got away.

"Unfortunately, we got stopped down on the goal line down there. I should have called something different and I kick myself for what I went to. But I felt the effort we gave was great and the competiveness was great. We have a lot of things to fix as I saw a lot of mistakes by us that we had not made in previous game, but they were able to overcome it."

With Michigan State offensive coordinator Don Treadwell on the sidelines, Roushar and the other offensive coaches have been helping more with the overall offense. Who is making the calls?

"Don is making all the calls. He and I talk a lot when we get to the run game on what we want to do and he did a great job. One of the big plays was there before the half when it was fourth-and-one and we snuck that flip on them. We saw something a year ago as we studied them, so fortunately we executed it. I was really impressed with how hard or backs ran during the game. I do not think in the end we rushed for over 200-yards, but against a really good defense like Wisconsin, who out numbers you, I was real impressed with how we played. We just got to keep it going now."

As the Spartans get ready for Michigan week, where does Coach Roushar see his offensive line?

"I'm starting to see a lot of good things. Yet, we also recognize there is a lot more room for improvement. But I like the way they are playing and how hard they are playing. They are practicing that way and that has been a big credit to them. They come out and go to work every day. We're not the prettiest, and we're not by any stretch of the imagination the best, but I like how we're playing."

The Spartan offensive line will need to continue to build upon their success on Saturday if the Spartans plan to make a hard run at a Big Ten title.

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