Hyde Getting Ready For Brother & Iowa

Looking to help his team move to 9-0 on the season means one thing for Marcus Hyde, he must watch as his brother loses a game. With younger brother Micah playing for the Hawkeyes, the Hyde family is looking forward to a family get together on Saturday.

Marcus Hyde came out of high school with a few Big Ten programs hoping to get his signature on signing day. But after making an official visit to East Lansing, the Fostoria (Ohio) native knew Michigan State was the right place for him.

In February of 2009, another Hyde was looking to join the ranks as a college football player and found Iowa to be the place best suited to him. Now, with a lot at stake for his older brother, Micah Hyde is looking to help the Hawkeyes beat the Spartans stopping what has been a magical season for his older brother's school.

Have the brothers been talking to one another?

"I talked with him (Micah) yesterday (Monday) and we talked about the family and everything, but now we're not going to talk until Sunday. We talked about the family and if we had talked with mom, family business. We did not really have much time to talk as were both busy. We just made sure both of us talked with mom and communicated on tickets and everything."

In the middle of Saturday's battle is the brother's mother. Marcus explains how mom has been during the season and leading up to Saturday's big contest.

"She's all giddy right now. She's all excited. She is just like how we now taking one game at a time. She keeps reminding me to make sure to keep the task at hand, we're 0-0 right now, and we have to keep looking forward to the next game."

Since defeating Northwestern, talk has moved from winning a Big Ten Championship to a possible berth in the national championship game. Has such talked entered into the conversation of Hyde and his teammates?

"We're doing well, but we have to look at the next game, we can't look at the past anymore because the games in the past are over now. We're 0-0 now and we have to prepare well and keep working hard and be ready for the game this weekend."

With a brother to call upon, Marcus knows the Hawkeyes will be ready.

"They are a well coached team and Coach Ferentz has them playing well and they're going to keep playing well. They come out every day, working hard, and being ready for the game both mentally and physically. The biggest thing with them is they play hard and are physical, they'll be ready to play."

Not only was Saturday a big day on the field, a change on the sidelines with Mark Dantonio's return also played a role in the Spartans outlook during the game. What has it been like having Coach Dantonio back?

"For a while he really couldn't do much. But he's a great guy and a great coach who cares about us and he is well prepared just like we are. The biggest thing with his is he's making sure everybody is doing ok and everybody is going out and working while being ready mentally for the game."

When breaking down his younger brother, Marcus knows he played a small role in the type of player Micah has become.

"He's a great athlete and he works hard and is smart. I have always tried to push him and sometimes I was kind of mean to him, but I think that is what an older brother does. I want the best out of him, he's a great worker, and I wish the best for him."

As for his brothers choice of becoming a Hawkeye?

"I was kind of upset at first, but he's got to make his own choices and he's working and doing the best that he can do right now, and as long as he keeps doing it I'll be happy.

While older brother wants his younger brother to do well, he is hoping it's not too well.

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