Pat Narduzzi Quotes Purdue

Defensively obviously this wasn't our best performance of the year. But I'll tell you what, character-wise that football team has got a lot of character

Our guys made plays when they needed to, and I don't think anyone in the stadium besides the guys in that locker room believed that we could get it done. Our kids never stopped believing. That locker room believes.

On junior defensive tackle Kevin Pickelman's performance...
Pickelman broke a finger early in the game and came out, and I said `What's Pickelman doing? Get him back in there.' Pickelman stepped up and played a great game. Blake Treadwell went down, had the flu and was throwing up all night, so Treadwell wasn't able to play and Pickelman took over and played like he's supposed to play. He's really starting to get over that ankle injury and playing with a lot of power. Those guys made some plays in there.

On the energy that was lost in the first quarter after the long touchdown run and interception for a touchdown...
I was up in the press box for the first half, so I don't know what we lost energy-wise, but I think it always takes a little wind out of you. Our kids never stopped believing, went in at halftime, regrouped and said that we're going to be champions. Just keep going, one play at a time, and it's a 60 minute game, not 30, it's 60. Our kids just came out and played in the second half and made plays.  Chris L. Rucker had a big pick, Greg Jones had an unbelievable hit on the quarterback on that fourth down play, laid his tail out, and Chris Norman picks the ball. Players make plays. Give [Purdue] credit, they made plays. They do a great job scheming you up and give Coach Hope and their offensive staff a lot of credit. We knew they do some good things and put you in binds, and they do a good job with their spread offense.

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