Greg Jones One-on-One

Spartan Digest spoke with Michigan State linebacker Greg Jones following the Spartans big come from behind win over Purdue.

Greg Jones will go down as one of Michigan State's all-time best football players. Saturday, his final home game ended with Greg being part of the final play of the game sealing the win.

After the game, Spartan Digest spoke with Greg for this short one-on-one interview.

I have had the pleasure to watch Greg Jones grow over the past few years. From his junior year at Moeller, through his senior year at Michigan State, I have seen Greg become one of the best players at his position in the country.

After speaking with the mass media, Greg spoke with Spartan Digest about his final home game.

"It's going to be crazy. The fact I am not going to have a room at the Kellogg before a game. How I'm not going to run out of the tunnel again or try to get the crowd pumped up here at home. I'm just glad we won and did not lose. This would be very different if we had loss, but we won, and it was a great comeback too. This win involved every single person on the sidelines and every person wearing their green and white."

The final play of the game closed the Spartans victory, in Greg Jones fashion, he was right in the middle of making sure the Spartans came out on top. What was going through his head as the play developed?

"Definitely, it was very fitting. All I could think about was that guy is fast, and if I do not get there, he is going to score. That is all I could think about so I figured I was going for it and going to make it happen. He kept it just long enough for me to tag him and Chris (Norman) came up with a great play.

While Greg knows his days in Spartan Stadium are over, he knows there is still unfinished business left to attend to next week. Penn State is up next and Greg remembers the last trip to Happy Valley.

"I think this is our moment to redeem ourselves from a couple of years ago. This is a little different situation from then, but everybody is just ready to redeem ourselves and play a better game than we did there last time."

When asked to describe the season, Greg took a minute and instead of talking about magic spoke about the Spartan family.

"All I can say is family. The way we have worked together and talk about winning. Putting all the hard work in and just being a family, and executing what we've been coached to do. Sometimes, you can't really describe something in so many words, you just have to watch it and let it happen in front of you. But when we talk it is all about winning and most important, family."

Greg along with the other seniors in the program have left a giant mark on Michigan State Football. Spartan fans showed their respect Saturday afternoon when Greg was announced in front of his mother and father, and his extended Michigan State family.

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