Spartan Player Quotes

What a few of the Spartans had to say following the Spartans win over Penn State and winning a Big Ten Championship.

Senior linebacker Eric Gordon   

This football team is in a much better position than when you arrived, can you talk about leaving a legacy?
I came here in 2006 and went through the whole coaching change. When I first stepped foot on Michigan State's soil, I wanted to win a Big Ten Championship. Ever since then, every year, we've gone for it. We've played for the Big Ten Championship and lost. And finally, my senior year, everything came together. I'm glad to leave a legacy and to leave here as a senior knowing that I helped win a Big Ten Championship.

Junior quarterback Kirk Cousins

This is what you play for, to win a Big Ten Championship, can you describe it?
We're Big Ten Champions and no one can ever take that away from the walls of our stadium. We always talk about being champions, and we did it. It's a special moment, and you don't even know how much being a champion is stressed in our building, what championship teams do and what we need to do to be a championship team, and here we are with a championship on our resume, which no one can ever take away from us.

After the celebration in the end zone with all the fans, you ran to the other corner to celebrate, were those your family and what was that feeling like?
Yes, those were family and friends, the people I am closest to and I wanted to celebrate with them. It was an extremely special feeling I can't even put into words.

Did the tough loss here two years ago when you had a chance to win the Big Ten Championship come to mind today after you walked away with a significant victory this time?
The biggest word here is experience. We talked at the beginning of the year about having a strong football team because of the experience we had coming back. We could never underestimate the value of having been there before does. In 2008 we hadn't had a single guy on the team play for a Big Ten Championship before and we came out here today with 30 to 35 guys who traveled to that game and experienced that and I think that helped us today. This team has come a long way and I credit Penn State because in 2008 that was a very special football team with a lot of guys playing in the NFL now. Experience was the biggest reason why we got it done today and all season.

How much was made of winning here at Penn State?
I don't know if we have ever won here since they joined the Big Ten. A win here is special and it's another one of our demons we killed this season.

Senior linebacker Greg Jones

How does this win feel?
All of our games so far this season have lead up to this and it is a truly amazing feeling right now. It's something we can enjoy forever.

You have been here through the years where Michigan State found a way to screw up during the season, but it seems there has been a culture change under Coach Dantonio, is that correct?
The culture change started back when I was recruited. The first thing he talked about was winning and what it was going to be like. Now we don't find ways to lose and people have to realize that this is a different Michigan State. Coach D motivates us and makes us want to win.

How does he do it?
Every day in practice, he stresses why we practice and our endurance in tough times. We run even when doing well, we run extra and he explains that it is so we can win. He puts it in our minds, what we need to do to win.

You had a pretty tough team to play on the road, which you couldn't beat on the road two years ago, did that come to mind today?
We played on the road, which is pretty hard, especially with the crowd here. The important thing was that we stayed focused and the offense responded very well. The defense just tried to put together a stop. When we stay focused and determined, there isn't anything we can't do, whether that's at home or away.


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