Who Should Go To The BCS From The Big 10?

Ohio State or Michigan State? Who should the second team from the Big Ten Conference be in the BCS?

Take nothing away from the Buckeyes; however, when you look at the numbers you can make a very good case that the Spartans should be the second team from the Big Ten Conference earning the BCS berth a week from now.

Michigan State

Western Michigan (6-6) **Has won enough games to be bowl eligible, however, they will not earn a berth this year coming out of the MAC.

Florida Atlantic (4-7) Game left with Troy. – This is a program working to build a program and taking the money from the bigger programs.

Notre Dame (7-5) ** A team that could have won two or three more games if things went their way. Finished strong with three straight wins.

Northern Colorado (3-8) – Throw away game teams are allowed to have. May have been better than Eastern Michigan.

Wisconsin (11-1) **Spartans beat the team looking the strongest as the season comes to a close. Badgers than turn around and beat the Buckeyes for their only loss.

Michigan (7-5) **Rival game the Spartans had no problem winning.

Illinois (6-5) Game left with Fresno State. **Played both MSU and OSU with the Spartans finding things tough but not as tough as the Buckeyes found them to be.

Northwestern (7-5) **Pushed the Spartans hard during the team's first true road game of the season. Did not finish strong as they lost one of the top quarterbacks in the Big Ten.

Iowa (7-5) **This is where the Spartans fell flat and it was the wrong time to do so. Iowa played OSU tough but the Buckeyes won.

Minnesota (3-9) – Struggling program that neither team had a problem against.

Purdue (4-8) – Played the Spartans tough and may have hurt the Spartans chances of being the second BCS team.

Penn State (7-5) **MSU had not won in Happy Valley since Joe Pa took over the program. Throw that out the window now as the Spartans go on the road and beat Penn State on their senior day. A hard feat to do.


** = Eight team who won enough games to go to a bowl game.

Ohio State

Marshall (5-7) The Thundering Herd looked like a solid win when they pushed West Virginia to overtime and loss. However, afterwards they have their biggest win over Ohio by a signal point.

Miami (FL) (7-5) ** The Hurricanes looked like a quality win in week two. Now, with a fired head coach and a team that loss to instate foe South Florida, it looks less quality, and more should have been expected.

Ohio (8-4) ** The Bobcats has a solid season and won the game many expected. A loss to Kent State in the final week of the season weakens this just a little bit.

Eastern Michigan (2-10) The Eagles were a warm-up game for the Buckeyes and the only quality win came against a weak Ball State team.

Illinois (6-5) ** The Illini have a game left against Fresno State. Both Michigan State and the Buckeyes beat this team and on style points the Spartans looked to have played better in their 26-6 win. The Buckeyes won 24-13.

Indiana (5-7) Michigan State did not play the Hoosiers this season and the Buckeyes won 38-10.

Wisconsin (11-1) ** The Buckeyes lost to the Badgers 31-18 while the Spartans won 34-24.

Purdue (4-8) Another team both Ohio State and Michigan State played. The Buckeyes won 49-0 while the Spartans had to come from behind to win 35-31.

Minnesota (3-9) Another team both teams played. The Buckeyes had no problem winning 52-10 and the Spartans won 31-8.

Penn State (7-5) ** Another team both played. Ohio State won 38-14 at home while the Spartans won 28-22 on the road.

Iowa (7-5) ** Another team both played. The Buckeyes won on the road 20-17, while the Spartans fell hard 37-6 in their only loss of the season.

Michigan (7-5) ** Both team had no problem beating the Wolverines as Ohio State won 37-7 and Michigan State won 34-17.


** = Seven teams who won enough game to go to a bowl game.

Who should be the second Big Ten team in the BCS?

Decide for yourself, but look at the numbers and then make your choice.

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