Ross Enthused By Spartan Visit already told you about Dustin Ross, now we speak with his twin brother Derrek about his recent visit to Michigan State.

At 6-foot-5, 265-pounds, Derrek Ross is sure to catch the eyes of several college programs. However, one program has caught his eye after making an on campus visit to Michigan State.

Ross, who was joined by his father and brother, visited the Spartans unofficially during the Purdue game a couple of weeks ago. What caught his eye?

"What really caught my eye was the enthusiasm shown by the crowd during the game. The student section was unbelievable as they were into the game from the start to finish."

While impressed by the game day atmosphere, Ross could find no wrong with the Spartans program.

"Really, just everything was amazing. It was not one thing that stood out, because everything was great about Michigan State."

Despite the fact the Spartans had to come back to win the game, Derrek saw firsthand what has made this Spartans team special.

"During the game you could see the vibe of the players as they seemed really composed despite being down. Being on the field before the game and in the locker room afterwards, I found the players to be really good guys."

Michigan State is having a lot of success with this coaching staff and you can see it is producing a family atmosphere. After the game everyone was laughing and you got the feeling this more of a family than it being just another football team."

Spartans defensive backs coach Harlon Barnett is the man responsible for the Ross twins recruiting. Derrek is looking forward to learning more about the Spartans and Coach Barnett.

"The trip was really interesting. Coach Barnett seems to be a great person and really seems nice. I look forward to talking with him again."

Spartan Digest will continue to follow Derrek Ross during the recruiting process to report any interest the Spartans may have.

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