Canadian Flash Talks Official Visit

Arjen Colquhoun talks about his official visit to Michigan State this past weekend.

In late June of this year I gave Arjen Colquhoun the nickname "Canadian Flash" from how he was tearing up camps he had been attending.

A native of Windsor, Ontario, Colquhoun has found the nickname to stick and it may soon become a fulltime part of his body. Spartan Digest has heard rumors of Arjen getting a tattoo of his nickname.

"I might," Colquhoun told Spartan Digest on Monday night. "That is how everyone remembers me, as that fast kid from Canada."

While some may not have liked being labeled with such a name, Arjen has fully accepted it.

"Yea, it's nice because it worked out well for me."

This past weekend, Arjen made his official visit to East Lansing as he prepares to enroll in just a few weeks.

"It was an amazing visit. It was great and I had a very good time. My favorite part was just hanging out with the other recruits and some of the other players. You don't really get to know them when you go and watch them play, so getting the chance to know more about their personalities was great."

While most recruits have one host, Arjen got to spend time with two current Spartans.

"I had two host really, Tony Lippett and Mylan Hicks. However, I also got to spend some time with William Gholston and Bennie Fowler. Most of the seniors were not there during my visit."

The past few months have seen Arjen watching his soon to be new teammates. What was it like watching the Spartans have such a great season?

"It was great to watch and I can't' wait to have success with them. I'm pumped up."

As with most official visits, food becomes the center of the trip. How was the eating this past weekend?

"Oh, I had so much to eat. Even when I wasn't hungry we ate and it was good food too."

For most, the recruiting process can be trying. For those from Canada, the process can become a nightmare. What is it like now looking back?

"I know the summer before I did not even think I would get a chance to earn a scholarship from any big school. I dreamed of it, but now that I have accomplished it, I know there is more on my table. I'm thankful, but now it is time to set some new goals and hopeful break those goals too."

Another area Arjen found interesting was the reality of the Spartans being a family.

"It surprised me a little as I did not expect to meet some of the other recruits parents and coach's wives and kids. But it was a great time and I really enjoyed getting to know all of them."

With his visit out of the way, Arjen knows his life is about to change forever.

"It's kind of surreal, school starts on January 10, so I'll more than likely go up a few days before just to get settled in. I have been told I have been accepted and my visa is ready to go. Right now I've got my head wrapped around it and it is time to face reality that I'm going to Michigan State."

The next time Spartan Digest will be seeing Arjen will come in the spring when he looks to take the next steps in his development and fight for time on the field.

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