Salem Expects Bell To Be Back To Form

As the season progressed the Michigan State Spartans looked to Edwin Baker as their leader at running back. Now, it looks as if Le'Veon Bell is back to early season form. Spartans running back coach Brad Salem spoke with the media following practice.

Everyone in attendance will know Saturday that Michigan State loves to run the football. It is no secret and running backs coach Brad Salem will look to use the combination that proved to be successful this season with Edwin Baker and Le'Veon Bell.

"Le'Veon's had a great attitude. Again, a first-year freshman straight out of high school, and we were fortunate to have him in the spring, he got dinged up a little big midseason, but he's just like he was in the spring, in fall camp and earlier in the season."

Salem knows the Spartans are not going to change at this point in their season.

"Obviously, any game you go into, whether it's a bowl game or just a regular season game, is can you control the line of scrimmage? That will dictate what's going to happen in the game on both sides of the ball. They're very athletic on defense, very physical, and so we need to somewhat establish the line of scrimmage. The team that's going to be able to run is going to have success."

The Spartans know Alabama head coach Nick Saban has a Big Ten background and fully expects them to show it on Saturday.

"They're very reflective of Big Ten defenses. There's a physical component to them. Maybe bigger, I think, than some of the schools we've seen. They're big up front, but then have the ability to run. Very athletic. We definitely have a challenge in front of us."

While fans will give notice to the Bama running backs, Salem knows his guys will be ready.

"Those guys watch, they know the other team and the other opponent, not just defensively, but who are the other running backs, and I suppose they take that as a challenge. Again, they have to do what they do. They have to play hard and obliviously give great effort on Saturday."

Look for the Spartans to be at full speed for the first time all season as Edwin Baker, Larry Caper, and Le'Veon Bell all should be ready to go at 100%.

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