McGowan Talks Spartans Offer

Ohio offensive line prospect Benny McGowan knows earning an offer from Michigan State is a major accomplishment and one to be excited about. McGowan spoke with Spartan Digest about the offer and his interest in MSU.

One of the first things Benny McGowan learned about Michigan State was how well respected their Criminal Justice program is across the country. With a high interest in studying this field in college, the Spartans may have found a major reason the Centerville (Ohio) High School offensive guard is excited about his latest offer.

"I know Michigan State has a great Criminal Justice program," McGowan told Spartan Digest. "I have great interest in studying this in college, and with Michigan State having such a great program they are a school of high interest."

Do not misunderstand McGowan's excitement about his newest offer. He knows the Spartans have more to offer than just a solid criminal justice program.

"I know Michigan State is a great competitor in the Big Ten and a powerhouse running team who is usually good every year."

As for when McGowan received his offer and how he learned about it, it all was pretty simple.

"I got the offer the week before last. The Michigan State coaches called my head coach (Ron Ullery) and told him they were going to offer. Coach Ullery called me down to his office and told me about the offer and then I called Coach (Harlon) Barnett. Coach Barnett was real excited they were offering me and then I spoke with Coach Dantonio a little bit and he said all the coaches were excited about offering me and they wanted me to come up for a visit soon."

Is there a future trip to East Lansing in the plans?

"I have never visited Michigan State; however, I feel there is a real good chance I will get up there for their spring game on April 30."

Another thing McGowan has heard about the Spartan coaches is their way of being more than just coaches.

"I like honest coaches and not those that beat around the bush. So far everything I have heard and found in dealing with them has been upfront and honest."

While the Spartans offer is his biggest to date, McGowan is not ready to put an end to his recruiting. There is still time and no pressure to make a pledge at this time. Spartan Digest will continue to check back with Benny for the latest information on his interest in Michigan State.

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