Bullough Has Comfort Level @ MSU

With his brother currently playing at Michigan State and his family having strong historic ties to the program, Riley Bullough knows being a Spartan could be in his future. Spartan Digest talks with Riley about his Michigan State offer and his comfort level with the program.

Of the many prospects Michigan State will recruit for the Class of 2012, no will have more inside information about the Spartans program than Riley Bullough. However, despite his Spartan family tree, he is not ready to rush into making his college decision, nor, does he discount the importance of his Spartans scholarship offer.

"I think I have a great advantage in being recruited by Michigan State. I have enjoyed seeing the coaches and talking with them all the time. I also have been able to see the players and create relationships with them. That would be hard to do at other schools recruiting me because I do not have those types of relationships at other schools."

"Having my brother playing there has allowed me to talk with him about the program and how things are."

With the last name Bullough, Riley knows it can be good at times when he is on campus.

"I think being recruited by Michigan State is a lot of fun because people know who you are when you are around campus and East Lansing. I feel it is a big positive to have the Bullough name at Michigan State. However, being a Bullough, there are always eyes watching you. It can be a negative, but it is also a positive."

Riley knows the many positives about the Spartans program.

"Michigan State has a great coaching staff and I have gotten to know all of them the past couple of years. It is all positives dealing with them as they are always very positive and they do a great job of staying in contact."

With his brothers position coach (Mike Tressel) as his main recruiter, Riley knows there could be some pressure from his family.

"My family has been really great about the recruiting process as they do not want me to have blinders on. As for Michigan State, they want me to see what the best college for me to attend is."

On the field, Riley knows his strengths have a lot to do with his football background.

"I feel my strengths are my football smarts. Coming from a football family, I have seen a lot of film and have enjoyed lots of talks about the game. I also feel I am a very physical player. I may not be the fastest player on the field, so I know I need to work on my speed."

As for when he will look to make a decision, Riley has an early timetable in mind.

"I have been thinking about making my decision in the early summer. So June is what I am thinking right now."

Spartan Digest will continue to stay in contact with Riley about his thoughts and any decision about Michigan State.

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