Higgins Pumped about being a Spartan

Saturday Zach Higgins issued his official verbal pledge to Mark Dantonio. On Monday we spoke with Zach about the time leading up to his pledge, and who has called since.

You can tell by the sound of his voice that Zach Higgins is excited about his future as a Michigan State Spartan. After making his verbal pledge known to the Spartans coaching staff on Saturday, Higgins says he is still feeling the good vibes.

"I am pumped about being a Spartan. The coaches, the campus and the atmosphere have me just ready to be a Spartan."

While Zach waited until Saturday to give Mark Dantonio the news about his desire to wear the Green & White. He had already told his main recruiting coach Pat Narduzzi.

"I called Coach Narduzzi on Tuesday and told him I was planning on committing. He asked me to keep it a secret and to surprise Coach D with it when I got there on Saturday. I then sent Coach (Mark) Staten a message on Facebook and told him I needed to talk with him when I got there.

"So once I got there on Saturday, I saw Coach Narduzzi and went over to see Coach Staten. He asked me if I was going to talk with Coach D and then asked if I was going to be a Spartan. I told him yea. He said that was real cool and then took me over to Coach D who was working their youth camp. I told Coach D and he said that was awesome."

As most who follow the Spartans know, Mark Dantonio is not the super excitable type. How did the Spartans head coach respond to the news?

"You know he is not one of those guys who jump up and down and gets all pumped up about things. He just gave me that little smile and was real mellow and cool about it."

Another thing that has Zach excited about his Spartan future is the quick friendship he is building with another verbal pledge Benny McGowan.

"Benny is a great dude. I love Benny. He is going to be a great teammate and we are going to talk with Coach Staten about rooming together when we get there. He is cool and we found out we have a lot of things in common during the day."

(L) Zach Higgins (R) Benny McGowan

On the field Zach was impressed with the Spartans play as they finished up their spring practice schedule.

"They are a solid team all away around. They are a Big Ten team and they are the real deal. I sat there and talked with Benny the whole time and we just hit it off and are excited about being Spartans."

One thing that happened since news of his commitment started to be released was contact by a team he had high interest in during the recruiting process.

"Ohio State called and asked me why I committed to Michigan State. I told them I wanted to be a Spartan.

Ohio State thought they could wait as long as they wanted to with me. I went to Michigan State and I loved it and wanted to be a Spartan."

As for what it will be like to play against his home state team?

"Kill them! When we play it is going to be emotional, but I have learned the whole recruiting this is a business and I look forward to beating them."

Zach is also working on another future Spartan target in high school teammate Dymonte Thomas who made the trip with Zach on Saturday.

"I am working on Dymonte about Michigan State. But I think he likes Michigan right now se we will have to see how it goes in the future."

Zach is looking forward to his next visit to his future home.

"I plan on going up for camp as they have asked me to come even though I have committed. This will allow me a chance to work with Coach Staten."

Much like Zach, the Higgins family has bought into being Spartans.

"It feels awesome and is like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I got a couple of Michigan State items the other day and when we got home we got on Eastbay and my mother bought a bunch of stuff for my family. I also got a few more shirts."

With the recruiting process behind him, Zach Higgins will now concentrate on having an outstanding senior season. Spartan Digest will continue to follow Zach up until National Signing Day.

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