Maxwell knows he must be sharp

Playing in only five games last season as the back-up to quarterback Kirk Cousins means Andrew Maxwell did not get a lot of chances to show his skills on the field. However, the sophomore signal caller knows this spring was for him to sharpen his skills as he knows he is only one snap away from being the Spartans starting quarterback.

Saturday gave Michigan State back-up quarterback Andrew Maxwell a chance to take a heavy dose of snaps needed for his continued progress as a college quarterback. How has this spring helped the young signal caller?

"I felt like I took a step in the right direction as far as leadership, as far as general feel of the game and general command out on the field. I still have a lot to work on and a lot to learn. You always do and if you are not learning you're not getting better. I feel I took steps in the right direction and I feel like I can learned from this spring going into the summer and then this fall I will be able to compete and get better."

One person who feels Maxwell is ahead of the curve is starting quarterback Kirk Cousins who said after the game he knows Maxwell has a lot of the mental part of the game already down. How much of being the Spartans quarterback is mental?

"It really is about the mental side of things. You can have all the athleticism and all the physical skills you want but there is no substitute for being sharp. And the way defenses are getting now a days, especially in the Big Ten, with all the different wrinkles it is just that much more time in the film room and in your playbook knowing everything inside and out. That way when you get out on the field on game day and things are moving a million miles an hour you do not get confused or get flustered because you have seen it before and you are ready for it and that is when your physical skills take hold."

One question most Spartan fans had about Saturday was how the offensive line is coming along. Maxwell was positive about the progress overall.

"I thought the protection held up pretty well as we have a lot of young guys mixed and matched to find our set five. The competition makes guys work harder and strive to get a spot. So you have guys competing every day and they are learning every day and making strides. So going into the summer they are going to keep getting better and keep learning."

With Maxwell being only a snap away from leading the Spartans offense, he knows he must continue to grow as a player for the Big Ten Champions to keep on the path they have started to take under Mark Dantonio.

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