Lewis Feels Spartans Have the Talent

Last season saw safety Isaiah Lewis on the field as a true freshman for the Spartans. Now, after getting a season and spring under his belt, there is no lacking in the confidence he feels the 2011 Spartans will take to the field.

Last season was one of first for safety Isaiah Lewis as he learned more about the college football game. Having appeared in a 13 games on the season, the 5-foot-10, 199-pound knows this fall he will be asked to do more than just mop up work or special team's demon. How has Lewis used this spring to prepare for the season?

"I just wanted to get the mental part of the game down this spring. I played last year and feel I have the physical part of the game down, but I know I need to have more of the mental part down so I do not have any mistakes. I just want to go out and do what I can do. If my best is not enough, I will try harder."

One thing his teammates have noticed about his on field ability is his desire to hit opponents. What makes Lewis have the reputation as one of the teams more aggressive hitters?

"I think it comes from what everybody sees. When I hit somebody they say I am an explosive guy. I do not do anything special as I just do what I know how to do. I just roll my hips through them as I have always been taught to do."

One thing Isaiah knows going into his second year of the program is the room for errors has shrunk.

"I've learned this spring there is no room for error or to make mistakes. Last season I could make a little bit of mistakes, but I have study and learned from them and have worked not to make mistakes."

How does he feel he has done so far?

"I still have some things to work on, but overall I feel I have done well this spring."

As a team, Isaiah feels it is going to be another solid year for the Spartans.

"I feel we are going to do some damage out there as we are competing and a lot of teams are not going to want to play us. I also feel we are going to bring back a Big Ten Championship to Michigan State.

"We have a lot of talent and speed out there. We have a lot more speed out there now as compared to last year. We are going to go out there and get after it and grind it as teams are not going to want to run or pass on us as we have a great secondary back there, we have a great defensive line and linebackers that are ready to just go out there and play."

One of those players he expects to have a top season is teammate Mylan Hicks. Isaiah feels there are a lot of comparisons that can be done with the two of them.

"Mylan is like me. He is a hitter and I see him as a player that can play too. Our whole defensive group says we are the best group in knowing what we need to do and if we had a game tomorrow we would be ready to play."

With Johnny Adams and Trenton Robinson set as the leaders of the Spartans secondary, look for young players like Isaiah and Mylan to play huge roles during the season.

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