Pipkins Will Give Spartans a Good Look

While Ondre Pipkins may live in Kansas City, Missouri, he has past and current ties to the state of Michigan. Because of these ties, Michigan State is getting a solid look at the defensive tackle.

When looking at the Michigan State Spartans since Mark Dantonio has taken over gives defensive recruits reasons to take hard looks at the Spartans program. For Ondre Pipkins of Kansas City (MO.) Park Hill High School, the Spartans are a way to reconnect with a state he spent some of his life living in.

"I grew up in Saginaw but have been gone for about ten years." Pipkins told Spartan Digest. "I still have family there as my dad lives there and so does my granddad and people on my mom's side of the family."

For Pipkins distance will not be a factor when the time comes to make his college decision.

"I do not see if being a factor or playing a big role when it comes to making my decision."

As for the recruiting efforts of the Spartans, the 6-foot-4, 320-pound defender feels things are going very well.

"Coach Brad Salem is recruiting me for Michigan State and things are going very good. We talk about every two weeks."

While he's not visited the Spartans, there is hope for a summer visit.

"No I have not been up to Michigan State. However, I may visit there this summer but I'm not sure yet."

The Spartans are recruiting Pipkins as a defensive tackle and while he feels confident in his overall game, Ondre also knows there is work needed to be done.

"I need to keep working on staying low and keeping my knees bent. I also need to keep working on keeping offensive linemen from getting their hands on the inside of me. I feel my strengths are that I am a very physical player, strong, fast and powerful."

As for what he knows about the Spartans defense, Ondre says he watches more of the overall game but does keep his eyes out for the stunts the Spartans defensive linemen run.

As for the overall recruiting process, Ondre seems to have things in order.

"The recruiting process is going real well as long as you can prioritize things and know that you need to do and keep the task at hand."

Spartan Digest will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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