Mom Likes Spartans Coach

Mothers, they are the lifeblood of football players across the country. For William Mahone his mother has already found a coach she really likes and he happens to be at Michigan State. Who is the coach and what did the Ohio running back say about the Spartans?

Saturday found Youngstown (OH) Fitch running back William Mahone attending the Nike Combine in Columbus. Following the event, the 6-foot, 205-pound Mahone spoke with Spartan Digest about his interest in Michigan State.

"I visited Michigan State during my sophomore year and Coach Narduzzi took me under his wing and showed me a few things. My mom really likes him and I need to get back to their campus because I didn't get to really see much of it my sophomore year. I'm very interested in them as they have visited my school as well."

Pat Narduzzi
Dave Berk,
While mom may like Pat Narduzzi, her son has found a likeness for the Spartans offense and how they like to run the football.

"For sure, that's what I want to go to school for and the way Michigan State runs the ball is very intriguing to me."

With the Spartans coming off a successful championship season, Mahone knows Michigan State football has taken the steps needed for him to have interest.

"After this past season they've proved they can win the Big Ten and that looks good to me. I'm really excited to learn more about what they have to offer."

As for his overall experience at the combine, Mahone came away feeling positive about the overall experience.

"It was very good here and I feel there were plenty of drills I learned from and found it to be one of the best camps I've attended. I'll look to take the things I learned back with me and look to get better."

Mahone Makes Cut at Nike Combine
Tony Greco,
So what is Mahone looking for in a program?

"The relationships I'm able to build with the coaches and it being more of a family base. Coaching stability is also important and you want to attend a school and graduate."

Attending events like the Nike Combine exposes prospect to members of the media. How have things gone with the added pressures of making one assessable to the media throughout the recruiting process gone?

"To be honest, as a kid growing up I would dream of all this happening. Getting older I never lost that dream and I don't mean to be cocky or anything, but I always expected this and now that it is here, I'm enjoying it.

"I've gotten use to it and sometimes you just have to tell people you don't have the time and will need to call them back. I'm going to say it is not annoying, but you have to do what you have to do."

As for when he will look to trim down his list and make a decision. It sounds like there is a plan in place.

"I'll be looking to reduce my list this summer when I sit down with my mother and coach. We're going to sit down and try and trim it as much as we can. Hopefully, I can make my decision before my senior season, but if not, I'll look to take some official visits and get it done then."

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