Harris Ready Now

Michigan State signee Darien Harris is ready to head to campus and get his college career started. Spartan Digest spoke with Harris about his future in the Green & White.

For Darien Harris it seems like time has slowed down as he prepares to start his college athletic and academic career. When will Harris arrive on campus?

"We graduated on Friday and I'll report on July 5th. I can't wait; I've been telling everybody that I would report tomorrow if I could. It is another chapter that I've worked hard to open up and I'm ready to start working."

So what has Harris been doing since signing his letter of intent to become a Spartan?

"It's been just working out lifting weights and playing basketball on the side to keep my cardio up. So it's been everything geared towards getting up there in July and being ready to go to work with the motive of playing early."

So where will Harris start off on the field?

"The position they like to run called "The Star" is a position which is a safety/linebacker hybrid that plays in space at the linebacker position is what they see my playing."

Having issued Mark Dantonio his pledge in early August, was there ever a time when he had second thoughts about being a Spartan?

"Absolute not, when I committed in August, I was set on where I was going and no matter who talked to me during the season, I knew I was never going to change my mind and it never crossed my mind. I knew from the start Michigan State was where I wanted to be for the next four years."

So what was it about the Spartans that made him so sure?

‘'It was the coaching staff. The coaching staff they assembled at Michigan State from those who came from Cincinnati and the ones that have added since. How they talked to me and how they spoke to me really drew me in. They are great people up there and they are really committed to what they say and true to their word."

So how did Darien find the recruiting process when all was said and done?

"It was a great humbling experience knowing all those schools had interest in me. When I made my decision it was a weight off my shoulders and I understood that high school was soon coming to an end and now I was going to be leaving home soon and starting my college life.

"Football was always my drive, but committing to a school like all my other classmates at Dematha that don't play sports knowing college is the next step and for the first time we're going to be away from home and away from our parents was the main thing that was on my mind."

Having attended the Green & White game also opened up some feelings about his upcoming future.

"That was the crazy part as I was no longer watching as a fan. I was watching it as a member of the team knowing those are my teammates and the team that I'm going to be a part of in the coming months was a crazy thought for me. But it put it into perspective and told me that I really needed to start to be focused, ready and prepared to compete at the college level."

As for bonding with any current Spartans, Darien has found a player who is making sure he'll feel comfortable when he arrives on campus.

"I've been talking a lot with Will Gholston a lot. Every time I go up there he's the one I'm walking around with and showing me around while telling me what to expect."

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