Spartan Prospects Get Maxx

In the far end zone of Michigan State's indoor practice facilities sits two Maxx Machines used by the Spartans to record quickness and punching power. On Saturday, a few prospects found themselves sitting in front of the machine with a dummy torso ready to take a licking. Who performed well in this drill only a few performed in?

In the majority of college football programs across the country sit Maxx Football Machines ready to test players speed and power ratings with instant feedback. Saturday, Maxx found a few solid performers while a few others struggled to produce the results they felt.

Excelling on the machines were linebackers Mason Monheim, Luke Roberts, and Michigan State verbal commitment Riley Bullough. All three players once instructed on how to use the device, were able to provide solid punching number with a couple of hits hitting in the 900 range.

Those who struggled with the machine came from defensive line prospects Vontrell Williams and Darren McGinnis. Both players struggled to hit the target squared and the results were poor in punch performance while solid in the speed area.

While Roberts and Monheim do not hold offers from MSU, their performance against Maxx showed Spartans defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi what he was looking for. Both players had solid days and could be pushing up the Spartans offer board in the near future.

Here is a link to the Maxx Football Machine website to see what the device is like.

Maxx Link

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