Post Camp Stock Report

We look at several players in this post MSU camp report. Who do we feel is moving up and who is moving down.

We look at the following players in this post camp report.

Sean Welsh, Logan Dietz, Josiah Price, Mitchell Winters, Arlington McClinton, Alden Hill, Efe Scott-Emuakpor, Evan Jones, James Sanford, Riley Bullough, Luke Roberts and Mason Monheim.

Sean Welsh: Welsh came to Michigan State as a player with a mission and left as one of the top Class of 2013 offensive linemen in Ohio. His performance was very impressive in one-on-one drills and we fully expect him to hold many offers in the months to come.

Logan Dietz: If not for the performance of Welsh, it would have been hard to not name Dietz the top offensive lineman in Saturday's camp at Michigan State. Took reps and did a solid job in one-on-one match-ups.

Josiah Price: First saw Price in February at a combine and was sold then he would be a D-1 guy before it was over. His ability to bend and run the hoops drill sold me then and Saturday did nothing to change my opinion of his ability. Projects as a tight end / H-Back but also has the ability to move over the defensive line if needed. Really feel he'll have the Spartans high now that he holds an offer from them.

Mitchell Winters: Not a name we were looking for when camped open but one we will remember. Winters is from Canada and had a great performance off the edge as a defensive end in one-on-one drills. Long frame that will need to add some muscle and weight but has good shoulder dip and quick inside move.

Arlington McClinton: McClinton has a long frame but lacked the burst you want to see from a player with his physical size. Had problems working from the right side defensive end spot but did much better once he moved over to the left side showing a better first step and move. There is some talent here, but it has not been reached yet and McClinton will need to do some work in the coming months. Scholarship player who is not at the elite level at this time.

Alden Hill: First time I've seen Hill in person and came away impressed by his physical size. Could be a player much like LeVeon Bell who surprised people when he was offered as a running back by MSU. Big thick athlete with some skills who will make somebody a very solid player.

Efe Scott-Emuakpor: If you go off of just a look test you would thing Efe could be a big-time receiver prospect. However, after watching him run, we came away not very impressed as he runs very stiff and not fluid.

Evan Jones: First time I've had a chance to see Jones in person and came away impressed by his physical size and abilities. While there has been some talk of him being on the defensive line, I feel at this time he is best suited as a tight end in the Spartans system.

James Sanford: Watched James last season and felt his combination of size and skills made him a player who could play at the BCS level. No change in my thinking as he ran well on Saturday. Has solid skills but needs to be coached up to reach the level we feel he can reach.

Riley Bullough: First time watching Riley in football setting. Came away very impressed with is physical size and abilities. Worked as a linebacker and will not be surprised when he is on the field with his brother in the near future.

Luke Roberts: Sold on Luke Roberts as a college player. Seen his film and know players that come out of Lancaster are tough and hardnosed players. Luke will not disappoint as someone is going to get a much underrated player.

Mason Monheim: Much like Roberts, had not seen Mason in person, but came away sold on his overall ability and see him as a solid player at a BCS program. Right now I would have him placed as the second ranked middle linebacker in Ohio.

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