Breneman Talks Spartans Offer

Class of 2013 tight end Adam Breneman is fast becoming one of the top prospects at his position in the country. With nine scholarship offers already issued, Breneman is really excited about his newest offer from Michigan State. A program he agrees is becoming known for their use of the tight end.

The tight end has evolved over the past several years from the tradition big blocking extra offensive lineman to a player needing a higher level skill set.

While some programs who run a spread attack look to use more of a hybrid or flex receiver with size. Others like Michigan State look to combine the two elements to give their offense more of a pro-style look. Because of this, Mark Dantonio has always looked for special players to man the position.

One player who looks as if he's passed the Spartans test is Class of 2013 tight end Adam Breneman of Camp Hill (PA) Cedar Cliff High School.

"Yea, I gave Coach (Dave) Warner a call yesterday as we had not talked in awhile. I just wanted to catch up on things and see where we stood. Coach Warner told me I definitely had a scholarship offer from Michigan State."

The 6-foot-5, 220-pound Breneman knows the Spartans like to use the tight end.

"I have watched Michigan State on television a couple of times and they had a tight end last year, I can't remember his name, but I watched him play and I really liked how they got him the ball. It still sticks in my mind how they used him."

Another are the Spartans could use in their recruitment of Breneman is one of Mark Dantonio's prized former players from his days at Cincinnati. Current Spartans tight end Garrett Celek's older brother Brent started at the tight end position for Dantonio just a few years ago. Now the former Bearcat is considered one of the best tight ends in the NFL. Breneman has taken notice.

"Brent Celek is my favorite player in the NFL. My dad said his brother plays at Michigan State."

The Spartans become Breneman's ninth offer to date and while he knows some may be looking for him to narrow things down early, the time just is not now.

"It's great to start off having some great options and still be so young. I've not even started to make a Top Schools list, cross anybody off or narrow anything down. Once this season is over, I'm going to try and narrow some things down and try and make a Top Schools list. I like everywhere I've visited so far but have not been everywhere.

"So far I've visited Boston College, Maryland, Virginia and Notre Dame this past April and June."

As for visiting the Spartans, Breneman hopes to do that very soon.

"I don't know too much about the Michigan State program and I'm going to try and get over there for a visit in early August or at least for a game this season depending upon my team's schedule."

One thing that has changed since Spartan Digest last spoke with Breneman is the distance he's willing to travel from home.

"I've always said for awhile I would like to stay closer to home. But the more and more I think about it, if I find a school that I really like I would be willing to travel anywhere if I find a perfect fit for me. I don't think distance is going to be that big of a factor when it comes decision time."

While Breneman has watched several of the teams that have offered him, he knows on campus visits can allow him to learn even more about what they have to offer.

"One of the reasons I like going on these visits is because I get the chance to sit down with the tight end coach and the offensive coordinator. You can watch a team on television and get a feel for what they do. But to sit down with the coaches and see what it is they are doing with the tight ends and how they are developing them is priceless. "

One thing the Spartans could have going in their favor is their offensive style.

"The pro-style offense is great for developing you into a complete NFL type tight end. So that is a plus when you see they are turning their tight ends into that type of tight end allowing them to also be a receiver and not just a glorify tackle. "

It is early in the process for Adam Breneman and this looks like it will be a high profile battle with some of the best programs in the country. Spartan Digest will continue to follow the interest being shown by Adam Breneman in the coming year.

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