Bosch Enjoyed Time With Spartans

A couple of weeks ago Kyle Bosch visited Michigan State for camp. spoke with the Illinois native about his experience with the Spartans.

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Already an early target of several college programs, Wheaton (IL) St. Francis High School offensive lineman Kyle Bosch looked to learn more about the Michigan State Spartans a program who has offered him.

Despite being a member of the Class of 2013, Bosch had high interest in the Spartans prior to his camp experience and that grew even more after his camp experience.

"I've very interested in Michigan State. They gave me an early offer so that is good as they showed their interest in me. I love the coaching staff at Michigan State and worked with Coach Staten this summer at their camp. It was great working with him.

"Coach Roushar, the coach who is in charge of my recruiting is great too. I had a chance to speak with Coach Dantonio a little bit and I just love their coaching staff and their facilities."

While Bosch could have just showed up and walked around, he chose to get a real feel for the Spartans coaching staff.

"It was great to get hands on experience and to see how they interact with players and their coaching style."

One are Bosch came away feeling positive about was the confidence the Spartans staff showed with each other and the many other coaches who worked the camp.

"The chemistry between the coaches is great. I never saw any of the coaches not get along with each other and I was also impressed how they allowed about 30 other schools to come in and work and recruit other kids and help at the camp.

"I thought that was impressive as they had enough confidence in what they do if they gave a kid an offer they felt he would go to Michigan State. I also liked how they were very hands-on during the camp."

The early offers have allowed Kyle to take a proactive approach to his recruiting.

"It's just very good to see who is deeply interested in me. I can see from the five schools who have offered me that they are very interested in me because they have offered. So it is good to have the process start early because from the schools that have offered me I can start placing myself in a student-athlete position seeing how I would react in their environment."

This was not the first time Bosch has spent time on campus but this time he did bring along some family members.

"This was my second time up there so I've had a chance to see everything twice now. My grandfather and brother came with me so we went up the day before camp and kind of went around so they could see everything."

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