Spartan 66 2011 Ranking #65

The Michigan State Spartans won a share of the Big Ten title in 2010. Last year, looked in-depth at sixty-six Spartans and their importance to the team's success. We look at 66 Spartans as 1966 was the last time MSU won a National Championship. It is now time to start looking at 2011 with player #65.

Antonio Jeremiah

SD 2011 Ranking : #65

Position: Nose Tackle

Experience: Fifth Year Senior

Strengths: Potential

Weakness : Coming off injury and weight issues since arriving at MSU.

Since the day he signed with Michigan State, Antonio Jeremiah has made Spartan fans dream of what he would do on the field. However, Jeremiah has made moves from defense to offense and now back to defense. He has high potential, but has never put everything together during his Spartans career.

Overall: Jeremiah was a player who almost did not make the list. We do not know the full extent on the injury he suffered in the spring and if he'll be able to come back this season. If not Mark Dantonio will have to ask himself if Jeremiah is worth applying for a medical year. If Antonio could ever put it all together, his physical skills could allow him to play on Sunday's.

Why He Made The List:The word potential can at times be overused. Nevertheless, everyone knows Jeremiah had tons of it coming out of high school and has shown flashes during his time at Michigan State. Can he put it all together for his final season? That is the reason he did make the list because if he can contribute any at all, the Spartans will have one of the best inside defensive attacks in the country.

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