Spartan 66 2011 Ranking #62

The Michigan State Spartans won a share of the Big Ten title in 2010. Last year, looked in-depth at sixty-six Spartans and their importance to the team's success. We look at 66 Spartans as 1966 was the last time MSU won a National Championship. It is now time to look at the #62 ranked Spartan in 2011.

Henry Conway

SD 2011 Ranking : #62

Position: Offensive Line

Experience : Career stalled due to injuries

Strengths : Great size and athletic ability yet to be seen on the field.

Weakness : Chronic injury has slowed development.

The Ohio native was expected to be a staple in the Spartans depth chart by this time when he came out of high school. Last year we had him ranked at #46, now, after another missed season and spring, we have dropped him down to #63.

Overall: Conway made strides prior to the spring of 2010. However, missed time on the field has slowed things almost to a halt and the clock is running .

Why He Made The List: If Conway can ever get back on the field and stay healthy he could be a player the Spartans can count on to take reps. However, he only makes the list this year because of those skills. If he misses another year, he will have a hard time making the list a year from now. Is his career over? That is something we should know more about over the next twelve months.

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